10*10 Series 22 Update

 “Your FITNESS is 100% MENTAL.

Your BODY Wont GO, where your MIND

                doesn’t PUSH it…”
Grand Raid des Pyrenees 2017

One who “Walks the Talk”, leads by example & never ceases to inspire & motivate all of us. Yes, he is our own Peter Van Giet, who finished one of the toughest Ultras, “Grand Raid des Pyrenees 2017” in his own unique style covering 220km with an overall elevation gain of 13000+ meters. Congratulations Peter!!!
Ultra Run- Chennai to Tirupati
Group of 15+ runners & cyclists planned to run to Tirupati from Chennai, covering more that 100+ km in weekends. The weather was brutal & harsh on the runners. They braved through extreme heat, long dry stretches of trails, humidity, blazing Sun & rain. The run was completely along the trails crossing through villages & lakes. Its always good to test the limit of your body & explore the hidden potential you have. Kudos to all 🙂
10*10 Series 23
The 10*10 series is flying high & more & more people are joining the fitness wagon. Thanks to all for inspiring others. keep up the good work. 🙂
Wishing “BEST WISHES” to all the RUNNERS for “CTM 2017”

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