Nagada, July 29-30’2017- IF YOU CAN – YOU WOULD!


                                                          IF YOU CAN – YOU WOULD!

Another start to the weekend and I was eagerly looking forward to my trek to Nagada!Nagada?? Now there is Nagala and there is Tada. What is Nagada? Well it was a full forced trek with Entry in Nagala and exit at TADA.

Yes ,you are thinking right. Its a moderate + trek organized by Nilesh and Aravindh. As usual we started depositing our funds confirming our participation for the two days. The fees of which is nothing compared to the effort that gets into organizing these treks .

My friend had agreed to drop me off to Tidel. He was to come from Thiruvanmayur and pick me ,however at 3: 45 I was not able to reach him.Panic and later plan B.I decided to take the car and park it enroute as directed by our cab driver.All well now we were on our way to do the regulars. When we reached Koyambedu met up with Raj’s team who all looked like they were gonna break into tears any moment. It was Raj’s trek and it was a difficult one.I have been to one of those and I had the same look at that time. However little would they know at that time that it would be fun unlimited.

Anyways we bade good bye’s and our small team of 13 headed for breakfast. We stopped by at a shop. This was the place from where I last ate vada in my life.I do not touch vada nowadays. I saw no reason why the hotel guy had to scratch his armpits to tempt me to eat vada.After that I started hating this place. Fortunately, the shop next door opened up and I had Idly. We filled in water and Nilesh already started stating that this would be our last water point-What? Well he was kidding! We parked the van at the base and started walking towards our home/Heaven for two days.

The group was quite fast and we headed through the different trails quite fast before we took a break for water.

Sarathi was navigating but unless at his tail there was no way of knowing the route .A few as usual newbies who had to race to finish were at it ! A few kinder souls like Nilesh, Nagarajan,Ganpathy stayed back to help slower walkers. When we stopped for lunch it was almost 12:30 and looked like we had managed to cover quite a bit of distance. We all opened up our food packets to eat.After some good food we retired for a power nap.

A good rest and we headed on our way .We had to climb up and then head to our trail. Whilst I reached on top a loose stone gave way under my feet and went directly onto Yohi,it all happened in a split second before anyone could react. It hit him hard on the head and he started bleeding. It was a scary moment. I prayed to all the gods I could remember that he is just fine.

The organizers decided to send him back along with Raja for whom also it was a first trek. For a first timer he was doing excellent time except for the climb where he needed a little more practice. The second day going to be a bit challenging they decision was made. So we reached a spot and split into two groups –one went to exit and one to the campsite.

The campsite was totally crowded! No space at all. We went down to Magic pool-A quick dip and departed after the crowd started getting in.This site did not look good at all. All of them were drinking and it was a mess.We decided to hit the dead end pool .Another 30 minute walk,but was definitely worth it.We went around settling down while Nilesh,Arun,Sarathi & Vishnu got down to start cooking Maggie –The worst of food I hate ,but loved by the entire world!. I went around eating the food that Yohi so graciously handed over to me after I almost killed him!

We slept after that or rater tried to sleep as we could not find a flat surface.Swetha and me kept slipping down and we would lift ourselves up. Same was with Nilesh who we were glad was not floating in the water.I almost dozed off at around the time we had to get up.

As usual we got up,ate,got ready and left. We were informed that water will now be scarce and had to fill in both our bottles which we diligently did.We kept walking and walking and walking.I started a bit slower then made up my mind to pick up speed which I did. The regular hourly breaks helped and we reached a destination for lunch. There was no flowing water so we heated up the water in the pool and drank it.A good rest and headed out again to our destination.

It was a really long walk and we reached our exit point where we had to take our autos. It was also a long wait for the auto and we headed out to reach the bus.

A tired but excited set were more thrilled to know that it was Vishnu’s bday and he agreed to sponsor our tea and coffee on the way back. The guys had their teas at the shop and they got back the coffees for us girls .We were surprised to find them even though it was a highway.

Birthday boy – Post trek chicken cutting

Each one started getting dropped and heading back home, stone tired but completely happy with the entire trip except for the injury to Yohi.

Another trip in the safe hands of our CTC organizers!

Till we meet again !CIAO!

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