JHU17 Testimonials – There is a (Ultra) Runner in Everyone of us

A Midnight Dream ? A roller coaster ride ? A treasure hunt ?

All of it perhaps and a little more….

2 am start at pitch dark…the trail keeps throwing mushy puddles along your way and examines your ability to dodge them..the rhythmic beat of shoes, a little quiet movement along the buses…The environment rocks you to a dream. and then a fellow runners head lamp suddenly wakes you up from it….Keep looking for reflectors along the trees and ribbons. silence and darkness plays the best games

Then slowly with the day break, it routes you to a different world ….puddles don’t play hide n seek anymore…they sit there n just watch you go as you leap away from them.
End of story ? uphills , downhills, puddles and repeat …..just wait !!!..there’s more …

Settling down ? Got some rhythm ? the hint of settling down is washed away you are routed into a 2 km treasure hunt…the route runs into the field…first hunch is that you must have lost your way.. you search fr ribbons all along with a kg of mud stuck at your shoes.
Finally you reach a road and a runner tells you 50 metres to the 37.5 k mark. you smile and think “I’ve had it all…its just the way back”
and then a stream comes across n revenges for all the puddles you tactfully avoided….be ready to run for sometime in wet shoes… now you wanna settle down in your thoughts again….the trump card is yet to come !!! Blazing sun is Jawadu speciality…with a large dose of humidity…..the uphills become super uphills …downhills look so few…fatigue and dehydration can set in anytime if you loose your focus….You reach the 75k mark…you take a moment to think is this for real ?

Took me 12:51 hours to live this dream and about 8 months of clean eating , smart running and lots of advise on race nutrition n hydration to be able to live it strong…Thanks Vijay Pandey


From a DNF last year to a comfortable 75k this year. .
What difference does a year make? A lot if you ask me.

The distance didn’t change. What changed?

Clean eating, less running.There I let out the secret 🙂


Finally joined the 100k ultra running club with the struggle of around 17.5 hours at Javadhu Hills Ultra. The mighty hills showed me that how small I am and it was not an easy task to conquer it.

My first thanks is to Peter Van Geit as usual, if not you I wouldn’t have finished the race. when I almost came to the conclusion that I could not reach the finished point withing the cut off time, you showed up and your words gave me that extra push and made me to complete within the dead line.

And thanks to all the volunteers who worked more than 48 hours to make the event a huge success. Volunteering for an ultra running event is more challenging than running. Love you guys 😘

Ashok Daniel bro I must thank you for many reasons. As an organizer you took the event to a different level. And did a wonderful job at the 75k U turn point motivating and sending 100k runners back to trail to finish the last 25k. I can still hear your threatening and caring words “Ahamed don’t take more than 10 mins of break and make sure you are well before leaving. And thank you so much for giving me the Solomon EXO twin skin shorts, with that I was able to run the whole race without any trouble.

A big thanks to my fellow runners who accompanied me and motivated me various occasions. Congrats to the participants in all categories.

Shweta Chahar

I know I run like a girl. So try to keep up!
This past Sunday I ran not only my first full marathon, but also my first ever 50k in the beautiful Javadhu Hills. Though I wasn’t very well acquainted with trail running, my daily runs helped me finish the race in 6 hours, with second position in the women’s category. I learnt a lot from this race and I’m committed to improving my strength so I can be back in even better form next year.
A big shout out to Peter, the man behind CTC and all its volunteers who organise such amazing events all year round. Thank you also to my pacer Raj Sir who kept me motivated all through the run, and cheered me on in my weakest moments.
Here’s to many more great runs in the future.

Nilesh Rj

I wanted it,I planned for it last year when I completed my 25km run , I trained a bit during my weekdays,The hard part wasn’t getting my body in shape for this ultra run.The hard part were getting my mind in SHAPE to do 50kms in JHU’17 and finished in style.Thanks Vipul Kumar for pushing me from A3 to make me finish in sub 7.
No words to thank ur commitment peteru even after parking ur vehicle safely at 7th km.CTC is one roof & proof that volunteers are people who don’t want to be thanked for helping others, but want to thank others for giving them the opportunity to help.
#chennaitrekkingclub #JHU #Hillrunning #Beyond42km


After 9 years I started running and here is the most awaited moment, finally grabbed my very own medal of 25km run ( Javadhu Hill Ultra run) completed in 3 hours 45minutes on Aug 06, 2017 in Jawadhu Hills… I would like Thanks all my friend supported me well through the run… Thanks to PeterPrabakar ji, Murali ji, and all my CTC Volunteers, and special thanks to my Wanderlust running team – KarthikPrakashPraveen S… Thank to my best buddies PrasannaManikandan, … And to my entire Photography team… Thank to Saravanan for Stretch and ice 😛 .. Thanks to my bro Nirmal Kumar for his support… Last but not least my Heartfelt Thanks to my well wisher Malarvizhi for her motivation towards this entire journey….

Thanks to everyone who support me directly and indirectly to achieve this great moment..

Successfully completed 50Kms in Javadhu Hills Ultra 2017..the trail and terrain was really challenging and tests even seasoned runners. The night rains made many parts slushy too. But as usual the ever smiling CTC volunteers and my Vibrant Velachery friends made it easy for me with their constant push and motivation.

Thanks hubby Shumon Singha for keeping urselves busy with camping at home, u both should have been with me if not due to Somrik’s current fever recovery. I am lucky to have u both 😘😘.

This Ultra was not very strong finish for me due to knee pain from the 25th km, but I made sure to complete on time. I will definitely try to come back strong on my future Ultras.

Overall thanks to Peter Van Geit for finding such an amazing trail as always, I am sure the 75 and 100 km runners had more fun in the newly added 37.5km route. Keep inspiring us like this 💪

With this run my 100 days of running successfully completed with about 400kms run through these days…cannot be more happy.

#100daysofrunning #JHUUltra50 #CTC #Trailrunningbliss #VibrantVelachery

First time hill running. Memorable for the life time. I never thought I would do an hill running. My highest aim was to complete a full marathon. But this Javadhu Hill had inserted different goals into my mind. It tells me, what ever you explored so far in this world is 0.0000000001%.

Only CTC can organize these kind events. Great effort by the volunteers. Bcoz organizing a GREEN event needs more effort from volunteers unlike other events. Volunteers were at their fullest effort. Thanks to them.

Completed 25k in 3 hours 40 mins. Although not a good timing, I am satisfied with the word completed 🙂 will give a better try next time.

Javadhu a strict teacher:
“If you are not justifying with your practice. Will punish you equally” :-p

More than a competition, I enjoyed it as a event.
Drive up to the hill, camp, first time tent placing experience, night rain, car tyre bursted during journey and then got punctured again. A pic with Peter Van Geit
All goes into
#Memory ++

Niranjan Raja Anna for keep on making me to believe that I can do it. I assure I will do it better next time.

Bala Murugan Mahaesh Babu happy to run with you bros. Always accompanied by fun and motivation.

#JHU #hillrunning #CTC #greenevent #25k

“One of the greatest feeling is accomplishing something you once thought would have been impossible” .
Participated in one of the toughest trial marathon Javadhu Hills Ultra and completed my 100 km of running. Happy completed the run strong and without any injuries, even though had cutover timing of 18hrs to complete the race i finished in 15 hrs 50 min comfortably. Thanks to all who have supported me to finish this race, thanks to CTC volunteers who really helped me out in aid stations, Thanks to vvians( My running group Vibrant Velachery) who always had hope on me and encouraged in every manner, And final thanks to organizers Murali Rangarajan Prabakar MeyyappanPeter Van Geit Ashok Daniel, Javadhu Hills Ultra is one event which tests your endurance level and one should not miss it

Javadhu Ultra you were defeated but not conquered last year.
I made my promise to come back stronger and I did it.
Defeated and conquered in style, 75k done and dusted. It was the toughest run till now.
The kind of support and arrangement was commendable. With heavy overnight rain, the way you guys still guarded your forts, was just amazing. Battling with heat, cold, rain, wind and no sleep at all, you guys were full of energy and backed us beautifully. Thanks will be a small word. My sincere gratitude to each and everyone of you who volunteered and managed this event beautifully. This would have been never possible without the support of Ctc and ctcians. Proud to be a part of this.

Sairam Ramaswamy

Maiden Hill Ultra 25 kms marathon. It was bliss in the hills. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This time around I made sure I don’t repeat the mistakes I did during my previous outing. It was an experience in itself running in the hills with greenery around and tall trees kissing the sky.. It is an experience of being as close as close possible with the nature . Of course it was challenging to climb the inclines , running through uneven surface, slush and meadows. The experience was made comfortable by the untiring and smiling volunteers of #ChennaiTrekkingClub. Thanks to my team in Madras Mustangs who have always been behind me as a big source of motivation in all my fitness pursuits.


Amar Ranu 

Jawadhu Hills Ultra (JHU), a 100 km trail run nailed in 2017 (bitter experience of downgrading my run from 75 km to 50 km in 2015 was alive in my memory, thanks to fb😬😬) in 15.51 hrs with an elevation of 1960 m.
A pure trail throughout the route (90-95%) with rough rocky patches is a different story to tell to trail lovers and I am lucky to experience it.
There were 3 categories, 50 km, 75 km and 100 km. Due to its toughness and killing heat, the dropout including DNF was 20-30% (my heart goes out for them).

About Javadhu Hills (Source: Wikipedia, not independently verified)
The Javadhu Hills (also Jawadhi, Jawadhu Hills) are an extension of the Eastern Ghats spread across parts of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts in the northern part of the state of Tamil Nadu in southeastern India.This range separates Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts. They consist of bluish gray granites, with peaks averaging 3,600–3,800 feet (1,100–1,150 m). The hills are sparsely populated; the majority of the inhabitants are Malayali tribespeople. I could also see the local vegetation including a wide variety of butterflies. Their multiple colors flying in pairs was a blissful experience to see them throughout the route.

CTC (Chennai Treking Club), the organizer
If I put about CTC in few words, it would be an injustice to them and their volunteers. Awesome arrangement throughout the route and their ready to help approach always. Be it ice bath, helping with eatables etc, they were flawless. Needless to mention, they organise these races just for the pure bliss at a fraction of cost (Rs. 1300 inclusive of stay in a school, food and other arrangements; that’s it) unlike other event organizers charging multiple times. Thank you Peter and your awesome volunteers. Take a bow for all of you.

Loved the whole experience throughly; though painful but a life time experience. I strongly recommend Javadhu Hills Ultra to all runners looking for trail experience. You test your endurance here. I sign off till my next trail run.

“It is necessary to dig deep within oneself to discover the hidden grain of steel called will.” Ryan Shay

Digging deep during the last 8K at #JavadhuHillsUltra, but should have dug deeper and finished faster! Everything was on track for a 5.30 finish but those last kilometers were a true test of grit. Note to self, dream bigger and believe in oneself more. Next 50K goal: sub 5.30.

Thank you Dhvinay for running and pushing me when I most needed it! 📸: @raghultrekker

It is exactly an year of running and now I am a 75 k ultra marathon finisher.Completed my 75 k within 13 hours cut off period in Jawadhu Hill ultra on Sunday. This will remain with me for ever.

Last one year has been tough but when you have a CTC team and Peter Van Geit around you nothing is tough. Firstly a big kudos to CTC and Peter for organizing such a beautiful event. The volunteers were amazing with their energy with sleepless nights and brilliant coordination.

I thank my family on this special moment.

Thanks to Srini , abhijith who were really with me for most of the course duration till the end.

CTC have been a motivator in all aspects, 5 hill runs in last one year of running gave me the strength to run this official marathon.
Awaiting more photos from the photography team who were awesome trying to capture our best moments.

40 plus like minded people from #Runners360 hit Javadhu this weekend for some trails and hills.

Personally signed up for an event after 18 months – had a good 25 km on the hills and was pure 2 hours 19 mins of bliss and another 8 km of pacing friends up & down. This time without music, gps watches / apps – just a run by the feel.

My longest run in a while given the back, neck, hamstring, and glute issues since my bike fall.. man I’m just glad to be running.

Kept my fueling very simple:
Previous day: one meal of rice + veggies (brunch)
Evening snack: banana walnut whole food plant based cake (2 slices) plus a few nuts
Dinner: a couple of fruits

This morning: 500ml water 40 mins before start
On the course: One small piece chiki, plain water, and a couple of musambis.

Gear: Cotton t-shirt & shorts. Felt good running in cotton!
Xeros shoes (ditched the socks).. the best zero drop shoe ever which I use for causal, Running and hiking.
Trying to minimalize running needs.

Finally much thanks to Peter and the CTC volunteers for a great event.. good to see the event grow in large numbers.

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