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Ainthinai’s Green School initiative is going on full fledged and below is a write up from Thiyanesh one of our volunteer who was part of the 2nd Phase events at Kandigai Govt High School.

It’s always pleasure to go back to school and spend time with Children’s.When you can plant trees and green prints on hearts of the children it’s a double joy. Ainthinai next big Green initiative to promote, educate and create awareness – Green Schools

On a lazy Saturday morning 6:30, when most souls in city crawl on the bed, 28+ green warriors travelled from to Kandigai Govt school,Vandaloor for an Ainthinai event.

Our organizer Nambi gave us the agenda, instructions for the event once all the volunteers reached the event location.

Agenda was to maintain 120+ saplings we planted the earlier week by correcting the bunds and adding mulching to the sapling. Create compost pit for waste management, maintain earlier set-up vegetable garden, set-up a bed for Greens and finally a drawing competition for school Children with topic of Green School on occasion of 115th birthday of Mr.Kamarajar, who took children of Tamil Nadu to the schools from there homes.

With instructions from Ajay/Mari, we started with bund formation and adding mulching for the 100+ saplings. Thanks to rains in last few days. Bund formation was easier due to loose soil.

Bund – Shallow pit around the sapling to provide/store water. This makes sure water is there for sapling to grow and keeps the moisture content more than in the other places.

Mulching – Mostly dry leaves and all biodegradable green waste, it is spread inside the bund protecting the soil from direct sunlight exposure and also reduces weed growth.This protects excessive water evaporation, reduces need for watering and improves growth of earthworm and other good insects/microbes in the soil, which in turn helps our saplings to grow.

Parallel to maintenance of the saplings, Our strong men dug a pit for composting. Pit where bio degrading waste will be dumped and left to be decomposed and which will become manure for the garden and saplings which we have planted.This also reduces the garbage sent to landfill and management of waste is done efficiently.

Once we where almost done 75+ sapling maintenance, school Children were ready for the classes.

School started with morning prayer and teachers gave speech for the day on occasion of Kamarajar’s 115th birthday and gave few words about the events which Ainthinai is undergoing in their school.

With helping hands from the student post the morning prayers, we started planting greens in the seed beds and created another seed bed for more greens.

As usual all our volunteers showed the smile and laugh over the whole span of event and then around 10:15am we had started the drawing competition for the students on eve of Mr. Kamarajar birthday with topic as “Green school”.

Students came up with their own ideas and artistic view on the topic and the reason of the topic was to create awareness and educate children’s in the schools itself.

Support provided by the school teachers and the student for this initiative was immense.Teachers educated the student in the prayer on the need of growing trees and waste management.Student have their own Green wing which waters the plants which was already present and also the 100+ tree we have recently planted.

Another wing of students take care of cleaning up the school, playground, lawn, etc and it was a very good initiative as everyone has to take care of the place they are and it’s their duty to take care of the environment. Surely the compost pit will add better value to the waste management and reduce the waste dumped from the school and will provide needed manure for the tree we have planted in the future.

The event closed with distribution of gifts to the children in the drawing competition and all must taste the chance of going back to school again and most importantly giving back something back to the society which will be our next generation of scholars.

By Thiyanesh Kamaraj

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