CTC Ainthinai Green Day – September 17th 2017

To work on a social cause benefiting everyone around is a sense of Peace to the mechanised human life. Infinite activities spread across 1000s of Organisations ensure that life sustains no matter what comes in between. Our Environment plays a major role for survival of all life forms on this beautiful planet. From mini automobiles to High rise towers, a bit of paper to mountains of garbage, lush green fields to flushed out drains, It’s all upon us that is being reflected back.
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In 2012, Ainthinai was started as a minor nature conservatory group with less than 40 members. The Team today has risen up with more than 6000 Active followers and Volunteers who have supported us in more than 400 events till date.
Green Day
In 2014 Ainthinai created its own Annual Flagship Event Titled as Green Day with a focus to bring a large number of volunteers together and plant more than 1000 Saplings in one place.This one day event will be the seed for many new comers to Ainthinai to understand the need of the hour and the positive effects of planting a tree. Spending your morning with Ainthinai on Green Day will connect each of you with a number of nature and social enthusiasts who will be happy to guide and support to live a life close to nature and without harming it.

  • We Don’t close with just planting the saplings, Periodic maintenance is being done for all the Green Day locations to ensure proper growth and monitor the survival rate of the saplings.
  • With very less rainfall from the North East Monsoon and unbearable heat Tamilnadu was drought stricken without water for Agriculture and daily needs. Ainthinai ensured that the Saplings planted managed the heat by feeding them with water regularly during summer.
  • Our volunteers travelled overnight to Kambharajapuram and Padappai every weekend to water the saplings. More than 1 lakh litres of water was used for the survival of the saplings from the heat.
“Without the unending support from Volunteers we wouldn’t have expected the survival of more than 1000 Saplings from the dry summer. Sharing rides, sacrificing sleep and work hours just for well being of the saplings portrays the dedication from each and everyone of you and your love towards the Planet’s health and happiness.”
With the above message and update we from Ainthinai welcome you all for Green Day 2017.  Like the previous years we expect your full support in making this Event a Grand Success and together we are on a mission to make this Planet a best place for Life.
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