Thank You for helping us in our IRONMAN journey!

Congrats Kaushik Mukherjee and Vineeta Singh on becoming India’s first “Iron Couple”! Chennai Trekking Club is glad to hear the Chennai Triathlon gave you both the opportunity and confidence to complete the Ironman Austria. All credit goes to the volunteers!


Dear Peter & Team CTC,
Last Sunday, my spouse Vineeta Singh & I successfully completed the IRONMAN Austria 2017 full-distance triathlon to become India’s first couple to complete the world’s toughest single-day endurance race. As life gets back to normal, I just wanted to thank the your team for the incredible work you’re doing to promote the sport in India.
Both of us had completed the Half Iron distance event in July 2016 and followed it up with the 3/4th distance event in December. Completing the 3/4th distance within the pro-rata full-IM cut-off times was a huge confidence booster for us and I would recommend anyone who is thinking of doing the full distance in an IRONMAN event to definitely try out the Chennai Triathlon first! Amazing volunteers and incredible support – you guys are seriously amazing!
So thank you once again for helping us prepare for this event – I’m adding a few pics below. Please do not hesitate to let us know in case we can be of any help in the future.

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