Story Of a Live Saver V – Kovai SathishKumar

Kovai Sathishkumar Krishnamoorthy

Regular volunteer and Blood Donor shares is experience of Donating Blood for over 25 Time

How many times you have donated, from when did you start donating ?
So far 28 times i have donated.

How did it start – any personal reason ?
I saw accident when i was studying in school and we took him hospital. There is need of blood but we couldn’t donate bcos of age limit. Then after turning 18 and donated in gh on memory of tsunami day.

Who motivated you to donate blood ?
My School Friend Balaji.

How fit are you , How do you manage to be fit so ?
Proper sleep and healthy diet helps me to be fit. I used to have time calculation after 2 months of my previous donation. So remaining one month i used to very careful. So that i can donate blood easily.

How do you feel physically after donating blood ? (dizzy , weak , sick , normal )?
I feel Normal after donating

How do you feel mentally after donating ?
Refreshed and felt happy for saving an life.

To donate you have to travel, how do you feel , how you manage time ?
If its near by means i can use public transport/ friends help to reach hospital.

Your leave work/schedule any thing clash with it ?
No, After donation i come back to office work, if it is week day.

Why did you give away something for free ?
As my family background i cannot donate money but i can donate my blood once in 3 months.

Were you send back ever, stating you are not eligible to donate, what did you do then ?
Once i sent back bcos of hb level low, i left very sad, but after that i managed by having healthy diet.

How did you improve your haemoglobin count ?
Eating dates and having carrot

Have you met any recipients of your blood ,how was those experience ?
I used to meet every recipients after/before donation. It gives energy to get ready for next donation.

Most memorable moment when you donated?
Yes i had so many memorable moments after my blood donation. Most important is, i have donated a blood for new born baby just 7days old. It is an open heart surgery. After one year i got call from Unknown number and i attended. This baby’s father was in that call and invited me for first birthday of that baby. I felt so happy in that moment.

Is it morally right to donate for people of other religion/ caste ? Do you check religion/caste of recipient or do they ask yours ?
Never met this kind of incident and i also never seen criteria. Bcos if am eligible(physically) to donate blood means i will else i will check with my friends.

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Chennai Red Knights

Chennai Red Knights is the Blood donation wing of Chennai Trekking Club. CRK has been actively involved in arranging donors for surgeries, emergency requests through volunteer donors and blood camps predominantly for Government hospitals in Chennai.

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