Happy Birthday Ainthinai !!!

It’s us stepping into our 6th year of existence 🙂

As the custom goes, we love to look back at our beginning and the roads that took us here. Despite the umpteen times we have shared this story, we will tirelessly rewind back to 2012.

It all started a bunch of selfish guys wanted to do something that would make this earth a better place to live in (literally) – for them and for the future generations. They were smart enough to infect some more friends with the same level of selfishness and they started off with planting saplings in places they could find. Since then the team has only grown bigger and stronger.


It’s the unconditional love for nature & its offerings and the right understanding of the fact that, we are just passersby and are entitled to only explore and not exploit anything that the earth gives us – that has driven us all along to do what we have been doing.
All these years, Ainthinai has tried to stay true to its one core theme- Leave the earth a greener and cleaner place when we go. To achieve this, we have attempted with successes and failures loads and loads of new ventures.
From temples ponds to cremation grounds, Ainthinai has managed to find the real estate to plant trees. When we didn’t find the ground for trees, we made space on our terraces. While we take pride in what we have done all these years, we are particularly happy about our 5th year which was highly eventful with the inflow of volunteers and ideation of new events.

Here’s a snippet of what we did this past year:
1. Green Highways – With the aim to give shades to our highways, we have planted around 1800 saplings along approx. 12 km of state highways. This was made possible by the association with highways department.
2. Green Ponds – When Danirasa foundation restored ponds ecologically, we assisted them by planting native saplings along the bunds thereby contributing to the cause. The work has been completed in 2 ponds and there will soon be 20 ponds joining the list.

3. Green Crematorium – Crematoriums are large barren lands in the city which are generally neglected. It was a golden opportunity for the team to plant and grow trees. So far, 2 crematoriums have been transformed by planting around 250 saplings.
4. Grow your Own Saplings – Plantation would anywhere mean buying saplings from the nurseries and using them. To change this and to bring about better understanding about what we plant, Ainthinai encourages its volunteers to grow saplings at their own houses. So far, 150 saplings have been brought up this way.

5. Celebrate with Ainthinai – What better way to make your celebrations meaningful that planting a sapling and making a permanent change? And that is why we join our volunteers in their special occasions to share their happiness by planting saplings whenever and wherever possible.

6. Grow your own Vegetables – Do you know how much glee is brought upon you when you eat the fresh produce from your own garden? Ask our 6 volunteer homes where kitchen gardens are set up and greens are on their way to our plates.
This glorious journey has been possible only because we were joined by thousands of selfless souls who toiled in the sun and rains to plant, maintain and grow thousands of saplings into trees.
Ainthinai, with the thousand hearts it is made of, takes this opportunity to thank every single individual who by their acts and thoughts stood by us, worked with us or supported us. 

You mean a lot for us! Thank you! 


Team Ainthinai

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