CTC Profiles – Karthikai Selvan

Featuring Karthikai Selvan
1.       What are you currently doing (job/study)? Your other interests
Working for a freight forwarding company, A food critic, founder/ partner in Flamingo catering & bartending institution. I also do Freelancing for startup restaurants.
2.                   When and how did you get started in CTC?
During 2015 floods I had received a text message requesting volunteers for relief camp. This is when I got to know about Chennai Trekking Club and its activities/events. Everything was new to me a different world all together. I did not know even a single person, however at the end of the relief camp I made so many friends and had such wonderful experiences that I decided to spend Atleast few hours to contribute towards the society. Since then the journey has been long and ever cherished.
3.                   What are the activities of CTC that you are involved in?
I started off with relief camp work wherein I was part of the relief material collection and disbursing team. Restoration and cleanup of river banks, schools, parks, hamlets, coastal cleanup. Active member of all Ainthinai plantation and maintenance drives and relating/relevant events. Volunteer, donor in blood donation drives. Volunteering in all CTC sport events.
4.                   What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with CTC?
I have always been an introvert until I joined CTC. The like- mindedness and the level of commitment of every single person that I passed slowly shifted me from being an introvert to being social. A big thanks to CTC I should say! The concern to environment was one more aspect that was added to my lifestyle.
5.                   Share anyone of the best moments you had?
January 1st , 2016 Nizhal park kotturpuram says it all!! Anybody who was there would relate to why this will be the best moment. For starters getting into knee deep slush and still ended up having fun was a never expected happening. From pulling out huge fabricated roof sheets, loads of other garbage, getting introduced to each other inside the slush, the rush for selfies end of the day not only was the park looked clean, but also the faces gleaming with happiness, the only group that looked shabby and covered with slush on a new year morning – A start of lifetime friendship.
Special mention of Senthamizh ,Saikarthik,Nivedhika, Sivakumar,Supraja, Niranjan,Prashanth,Narendran,Mohan, Varatha Raja, Prakash, Parthiban and Parthiban, Ragavee, Ganesh Gags, Hari baba and many others
Special special mention Ahamed who dragged me to the slush and Muthukumar anna who captured those moments in the most treasurable manner.
6.                   How do you manage work life balance?
Managing a profession and a business of my own gives me a very little time for myself. I can’t think of any better way of spending that little time in CTC with my friends for a social cause.
7.                   How was your life changed after joining CTC?
As mentioned above from being an introvert to a social person my life changed completely. Every cleanup or plantation event that I signed up for inspired me more to contribute towards nature. Adopting to organic lifestyle, I am not totally there but will there one day. Buying a cycle was a life changing moment for me. Never did I imagine that I would be cycling to work and enjoy doing it.
8.                   We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this help you outside CTC?
Multitasking –   managing multiple activities at a time with ease. Despite event management being part of my profession, CTC volunteering events gave me more exposure towards people and time management
9.                   What are your other interests?
Reading and research of Thamizh, reading biography of inspiring personalities mostly about Thandhai Periyar and his thoughts.

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