Chennai Coastal Cleanup/8 – Zone check-list

  • Split zones in sub-zones of max 150 volunteers
  • Assign lead volunteers for each sub-zone
  • Inform sub-zone assembly point / timing to all orgs
  • Appoint two coordinators per city assembly point
  • Arrange water for non-corporate volunteers
  • Collect materials on Sat after 12pm at Pallavakam
  • Get t-shirt sizes of your lead volunteers for pickup on Sat
  • Wear CCC8 t-shirt by all lead volunteers
  • Coordinate assembly at city points
  • Coordinate assembly at sub-zones
  • Set up refreshment points
  • Brief volunteers on segregation categories
  • Brief volunteers to return gloves/bags/rakes
  • Take a pledge against use and throw plastics
  • Distribute bags/gloves
  • Set up nearby collection areas with FedEx bags for volunteer to empty bags
  • Check garbage on correct segregation before dumping in bigger FedEx bags
  • (IMPORTANT – Assign few dedicated volunteers for this)
  • Thank volunteers for participating in the cleanup
  • Coordinate return car/bike pooling to city for indiv volunteers
  • Take group photos of organizations post-cleanup (to spread on social media)
  • Collect gloves/rakes after cleanup
  • Share the collected garbage bags count to Statistics team before 10 am on sunday. (No of Small bags/No of fedex bags/No of Jude Bags to be collected in your zone)
  • Get the estimated turn-up headcount for each organization / individuals on Sunday. Required to communicate in post media release on
  • Coordinate with Corporation lorry for pickup Non-Recycle (recover FedEx bags)
  • Coordinate with Earth Recycler lorry for pickup Glass + Recycle (keep inside FedEx bags)
  • Safeguard bubble tubs till pickup
  • Drop materials back at Pallavakam

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