Chennai Coastal Cleanup/8 – Segregation Categories – Recycle / Reduce

Next Sunday June 18th some 6000+ volunteers / 150 organizations will be collecting an estimated 50 tonnes of garbage from 20km of Chennai beaches from Marina till Akkarai and segregating materials collected in 4 categories below. Bio-degradable items will be left on the beach for natural decomposing. Glass + Recyclable materials accounted for 58% of the total garbage collected last year and will be recycled by Earth Recycler. The remaining 32% non-recyclable materials will be disposed up by the Chennai Corporation to the landfill.

Let us all make a pledge to reduce / eliminate our daily use of Single Use Plastics (straws, polythene covers, plastic bottles, cups) which are causing great harm to our ocean ecosystem (and our own health) all for our mere convenience of a few seconds/minutes of useful lifespan

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