Chennai Coastal Cleanup/8, June 18th – Week 5 Update

The Green Army keeps Growing! More than 6000 volunteers across 14 cities including 100 Organizations and 600 individuals are joining hands on June 18th for South India’s largest Environmental Sustainability drive restoring beaches, rivers and lakes

Join us:


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3Edge DUA – THE JOY OF SHARING Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd Saint-Gobain Research India Pvt Ltd
Angels of Marina EFI Cuddalore Mogappair Fitness Circle Shasha Foundation
Aram Seya Virumbu EFI Hyderabad Momentive Performance Materails ( I ) Pvt.Ltd Shine TREEchy
Ashok nandavanam EFI Nagapattinam Namma Beach Namma Chennai Siemens
Aspire Systems (India) Private Limited EFI Tirunelveli Nellai Nature Club SOHES
Bessie Flyers EMERSON NTTDATA Services Soles of Cochin
Clean Fort Kochi Foundation
BILIMORIA & ASSOCIATE Ernst & Young Foundation PATEL SCOUTS GUIDES SSN College of Engineering
CADD Centre Training Services Private Limited FIS global business solutions Payoda (Appviewx) Technologies Pvt Ltd SUPERMACHANS (Chennaiyin FC Fans)
CMA CGM Ford Motor Company Payoda Technologies Pvt Ltd TCS
CV: Barclays Give Smiles NGO Petrolink Data Services Ltd TCS-NHC Team, Chennai 1
CV: Barclays Global Analytics Pon Pure Chemicals Group Techforge
CV: BOA Hardcastle restaurants pvt ltd ( Mcdonalds ) Ponnovi Creatives Telliant Systems Pvt Ltd
CV: CTS HTC GLOBAL Services India Pvt ltd Praise Foundation Theosophical Society
CV: Mecheri Centre I Care Foundation India Praise Foundation TVS Sundram Fasteners Limited
CV: Paypal Ibis Chennai City Centre Pudhiya Udhayam Urjanet
CV: Sundaram Fastners Jatayu PwC Verizon
CV: Swiggy Kalam Foundation
Kiruba Foundation
Qualcomm Visumbu
D4V Direction4Volunteers Kodaikanal Rural Development
Association Selvendran
Ravindran Padmanabhan WCCG
Dell EMC Kovai Kulangal Padhukappu Amaippu RBS Services India Private limited Wipro Cares
Dr.Abdul Kalam Trust for Future Vision Lion’s club of puzhal humanity Rentokil India pvt Ltd EVP
Dr.Gupta’s Dental Specialities Centre Madhan Rentokil PCI
Mission India Clean Sweep

14 cities and regional NGOs have joined our umbrella mission India Clean Sweep to spread our green message across South

City NGO
Chennai CTC
Cuddalore EFI
Pondicherry CTC/EFI
Coimbatore EFI
Hyderabad EFI
Tirunelveli EFI/Nellai Nature Club
NagaPattinam EFI
Trichy Shine Treechy
Cochin Soles of Cochin
Clean Fort Kochi Foundation
Bangalore EFI
Ambasamudram I Care Foundation India
Dindigul Kalam Foundation
Kiruba Foundation
Kodaikanal Kodaikanal Rural Development
Association Selvendran
A look at the Battle Field
The Green Troops have been deployed across various beach zones and cities to match the muscle requirement as per our recent garbage surveys –

Note – A few locations still need to provide us with estimate headcount

World Environment Day – June 5th

As part of World Environment Day (WED) today The Hindu launches mission Chennai Coastal Cleanup Edition 8 to the general public. Let us come together and transform the 2nd longest beach in the world into one of the cleanest in our vision to create a greener and sustainable future for our planet!
Come and join hands with us at
Interview by Madras Chronicles on CTC/CCC
Madras Chronicles interviews self on the history of CTC and how naturally evolved into an environmental awareness movement
Restoring the banks of the Adyar River – Theosophical Society
We are back with a bang! 20 big bags of garbage removed from the Theosophical Society along the banks of the Adyar river. Join us every Wednesday morning as we clean sweep the city s garbage from Chennai s green jewel.
Restoration of the Adyar Poonga near Foreshore
Cross fit workout cleaning the Adayar river bank by srinivasapuram today.
Its been 28 phases so far. 
Soon we will be starting plantation along the banks!
Please join us every Wednesday @Theosophical Society and Fridays @Srinivasapuram!
Awareness Talks
Large turn out at Hochtief for our awareness session on environmental impact of growing garbage footprint and how each one of us can play a part in a greener future. Thanks Thomas Habel for arranging the same.
10 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Never Drink Bottled Water Again
  1. The first case of bottled water sold dates back to Boston, Massachusetts, in the 1760s. Mineral water was bottled and sold by a spa for therapeutic uses.
  2. For the first time ever, bottled water sales are going to surpass the sale of soda in the US.
  3. Global consumption of bottled water increases by 10 percent every year. The slowest growth is in Europe, while the fastest growth is in North America.
  4. The energy we waste bottling water would be enough to power 190,000 homes.
  5. Food & Water Watch reported that more than half of bottled water comes from the tap.
  6. Bottled water is no safer than tap water. In fact, 22 percent of bottled brands tested contained chemicals at levels above state health limits in at least one sample.
  7. It takes three times more water to produce a plastic water bottle than it does to fill one.
  8. The amount of oil used to make a year’s worth of bottles could fill one million cars for a year.
  9. Only one in five plastic bottles are recycled.
  10. The bottled water industry made $13 billion in 2014, but it would only cost $10 billion to provide clean water to everyone in the world.
Source: Global Citizen
Community Engagement – Injambakkam
Team Chennai Coastal Cleanup/8 spent a wonderful Saturday morning with the kids of the Injambakkam fisherman’s community organizing a drawing competition around the theme of “Environmental Sustainability”. The kids surprised us with their understanding of the impact of our non-sustainable way of living on the planet and how to create a greener world to live in.
Community Engagement – Srinivasapuram
Kids Drawing Competition at Srinivasapuram. The greatest gift you can give your children are the roots of responsibility & the wings of independence …A morning well spent with the lovely kids of Srinivasapuram>
Running for CCC
The Chennai Coastal Cleanup/8 tide engulfs the Chennai running / cycling community. Thanks for T Nagar Runners, Tambaram Thunderbolts, Porur Racers, Mogappair Fitness Circle, MRC Dream Runners, Medavakkam Dreamers and Babes (Boys) on Bikes for hosting us.
Join us every morning as we run along with various chapters of the Chennai Runners and Dream Runners spreading our message of environmental sustainability across Chennai’s sports community.
World Ocean Day – June 8th
World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. This site serves as the central coordinating platform for World Oceans Day, with free resources and ideas for everyone – no matter where you live – to help expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day on June 8 and year-round
Zero-waste Communities – Success Stories
Ceebros Boulevard – Thoraipakkam
Waste segregation report from the gated community Ceebros Boulevard! A collective effort of 220 apartments. Reduction of domestic garbage by waste segregation is an effective first step towards a greener environment. Also, they have stopped supplying plastic covers in the provision stores inside our community. Please spread the word for implementing these in your community. If it’s feasible for one community then it should be for others as well!  

I’m so happy to be a part of this initiative of our community 😬

Take it as a challenge to do waste segregation in your home, please.
Interested to implement the same in your community? Contact Saranya Ravichandran 
Ceebros – Vadaplani
Happiness is postive response from corporation office to help in enforcing garbage segregation in 345 flats!! Thank you so much padma. If not for u this intiative wouldn’t have gone further.. thank you for helping me through the process.. #garbagesegregation #saynotoplastic #landfills #CCC
Cycling for CCC
Environmental awareness at its peak today Awareness ride with the “BoB” and post session briefing about single-use plastics (polythene covers, glass bottles, paper/plastic cups, straws) which are used for a mere few minutes convenience and then get dumped and lie around for hundreds of years causing severe damage to our beautiful Earth.
220 cycling enthusiasts signed up for our Awareness Fun Cycle Ride to Kelambakkam on Sunday June 11th. The main objective of the awareness cycle ride is to create social consciousness towards Sustainable and Green Planet. Spread out a loud message to the public of our growing garbage footprint and the impact on our environment and health.
CCC Memes
Mission CCC spreading its wings across the social media through numerous impactful memes…
No Plastic Challenge- Not just a challenge, but a lifestyle
The Social Media are flooded by selfies of numerable green warriors who show creative ways to eliminate the use of Single Use plastics in our daily lives in order to significantly reduce our garbage footprint. Are you ready to join them?

Kerala hotels to stop serving straws for cold drinks from Monday

KOCHI: Have you ever thought about the lifespan of the plastic straw when you sip that favourite cocktail or juice? Take this before drumming it out as a silly question. The single-use straw will take 200 years to break down into tiny toxic parts. But there’s hope. Kerala’s multi-billion hospitality industry has decided to launch the ‘Refuse the Straw’ campaign from Monday – the World Environment Day
Awareness Interviews
Swathi Sathyanarayanan talks to Sivagurunathan Venkatachalapathy, –
Environmental Activist & Pillar of Team Chennai Coastal Cleanup – sharing his personal experiences and the role for a cleaner surrounding.
Indian Ocean has 1.3 trillion pieces of plastic, making it 2nd most plastic polluted ocean
Plastic is a big problem in our oceans. According to the most comprehensive study undertaken so far, there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the sea.The ocean with the largest amount of plastic is the North Pacific, followed by the Indian Ocean, the North Atlantic, the South Pacific, the South Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. 
While you might imagine a scene the equivalent of a floating landfill, actually much of the plastic is barely visible. Among the most common items are the tiny beads that go into cosmetic products, such as toothpastes and facial scrubs. Other pieces are much larger and made from hard plastic, such as discarded toys and fishing equipment.
Altogether, the plastic waste in our oceans weighs as much as 268,000 tons, which is equivalent to 38,000 African elephants.
CCC Core Team
Our core team meets up every Wednesday evening 7pm at ePagemaker. Everyone welcome to join!
Energy levels are rising as we are closing into June 18th. Team Chennai Coastal Cleanup is all set to deploy the troops across 12 beach zones and clean sweep our shoreline to its pristine natural beauty and send a strong signal of environmental awareness for a greener future for our city!

Take your life to the next (plastic free) level today. Confessions on plastic flood.

By CTCian: Renata Cieślak

Last weekend, the Chennai Trekking Club literally initiative inspired me. I joined this trekking club in 2013-15, just after my first long trip to India. Every year in June it organizes huge cleanup drive of the South Indian coastline (you can find it following hashtags: #CCC8 and #noplasticchallenge). So I decided to try to live more plastic free on a daily basis, as I easily found that I got used to plastic so much in my every day life that it’s VERY difficult to completely exclude it from day to day use. But then, how can we get more Eco when plastic is flooding us from all possible sides?

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