10*10 Weekly Update (5 june – 9 june)

                      The Greatest Threat To Our Planet

                Is The Belief That Someone Else Will SAVE It
One of the biggest beach cleanup scheduled on 18th June across various cities- “Chennai Coastal Cleanup”, approaches to its scheduled date. With over 100+ corporates & 6000+ selfless volunteers joining hand together to cleanup the beautiful coastline & taking a pledge to work towards the sustainable solution in controlling the pollution. The biggest evil is the “plastics” that we use. No matter in what form, they ultimately get dumped in water bodies or buried under the soil & in worst case burnt in open. All these intoxicate our major source of life i.e Air,Water & Earth. We have to make sure that we completely eliminate the use of plastic from our day to day life. In an effort, several people have taken up the “NO PLASTIC CHALLENGE” & gradually made a part of their life. To spread the awareness & penetrate further with different masses, CTC organized various activities like wall painting, kolam competition, running sessions & Mega Cycling event (200+ cyclist). Do join us on the 18th of June & be a part of the Change, a Change toward better future!!!
Join us:

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We are excited to launch the 8th year edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup, Chennai Trekking Clubs’ major annual environmental awareness camping on the impact of …
10*10 Running Series: We have completed 17th series covering 1700 kms. The running is at its peak even during the peak of temperature. Lots of runners are taking up this challenge & enduring the healthy & active lifestyle.

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