10*10 Weekly Update (19-23 Jun)


Doesn’t Come
From What You can Do.
It Comes From
The Things you Once Thought,
You Couldn’t.
Ultra Hill Running:
A group of 25+ Ultra Runners / Cyclists head out during weekend for a 3 days / 130K / 3300m D+ run in the beautiful post-summer Palani Hills near Kodaikanal. Lush green shola forests, chill drizzly mountain climate, stunning valley views, tribal home stay and camping in the wild, swimming in lakes and streams.
10*10 Series:
With the rains knocking at the door of the city & the mornings are cooler than before, runners are enjoying the beautiful weather with a run on tar roads or dusty trails. We have finished 18th series, covering 1800k & the kilometers are still counting with more runners making it their habit to have a active & healthy lifestyle.


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