Invite for #NoPlasticChallenge 3.0

Those interested to Say No to Plastics 
for 5 days
We are happy that you are taking up the lead in the contribution towards a Greener tomorrow!


You are now officially challenged by Chennai Trekking Club to Say No to (avoidable) Plastics for 5 days!




#ChennaiCoastalCleanup #NoPlasticChallenge

Plastics are not a rare sight anymore. We live right in between the pile of plastics. We start off the day with a plastic tooth-brush and sign-off probably by switching on the AC using a plastic remote. Can we dare to avoid plastics in our day to day life, in order to protect our environment and lead a healthy life?

What is CTC trying to do by Challenging me?…

CTC is organizing its ​8th edition of annual Coastal Clean-up on 1​8th June 2017. As part of its online awareness campaign, CTC is challenging people to Say No to (avoidable) Plastics in their day to day life and spread the well-deserved awareness among their family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and the society.

So, I can’t use any plastic during the 5 days of challenge?…
We wish you could! But No. We recognize that plastics have become inevitable in our day to day life and it cannot be avoided completely in one go. We urge you to take the first step, Say No to single use plastics. Try to reduce, recycle and reuse plastics. 
Familiarize with the list of “Day-to-day activities where plastics can be avoided”. This link is constantly being updated with new ideas shared by the participants which can be referred to, if you run out of ideas.

What is in it for me?…
Yes, we mean it. 5 selected participants who will feature in #CCC Wall of Honour list will be up for a surprise.
Winners will be selected based on the following
–          Adherence to challenge rules
–          Innovative ideas
–          Rollout invite to maximum friends
Additional Benefits:
• Personal satisfaction for spreading the well-deserved awareness among your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and the society! 
• Slowly get rid of dependency on plastics and pave way for a greener tomorrow!
• Be part of a social cause which is going to help our future generations to live on this Earth!

How does it work?…
  • Accept the challenge by making the attached #NoPlasticChallenge V2.0 cover poster as your FB / Twitter cover (Networking site is based on your preference).
  • Take a Selfie along with your plastic avoiding activity and start posting pictures from Day 1 to Day 5 (in case of FB make the post publicly visible), with both the hashtags #NoPlasticChallenge & #ChennaiCoastalCleanup

Sample posts from fellow CTCians
  • ​​

    You should post minimum of 1 picture per day for 5 continuous days.

  • On completing the challenge (Day 5), invite 5 of your friends to take this challenge by sharing the Facebook invite (You cannot invite your friends without completing your post for 5 continuous days)

  • Invite 5 of your friends additionally, once your 1st set of nominees complete their challenge and the chain continues
  • On your completion of the challenge, please register your details in the link along with your 5 nominees for the challenge and stand a chance to win the Wall of Honours List. Link: 

So now are you game for it?
Go fill your Twitter/FB walls with the most inspiring pictures. Feel proud for being committed to a Greener tomorrow!
Not convinced?

Refer to this link for wonderful inspirations from our last year’s challenge participants! 

Once you successfully completed the #NoPlasticChallenge


 Update the below


poster in your wall with proud.

Also you can watch our video invite for our last year campaign.

Thanks & Regards, 

Balaji Jothimani 
+91-96775 49415 

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