How much is your life span?

As part of the annual international Coastal Cleanup Day involving 12 million volunteers below are the Top 10 items found on beaches worldwide:
Items topping the list are plastic bottles, caps, polythene cover, straws, plastic cutlery. Better known as “use and thrown” or “single use” plastics these are items of convenience (not really required) which have a useful lifespan for a few seconds or minutes but end up in our ecosystem for hundreds of years:
A few facts about the plastic bottles and covers we use every day:

Many of these plastic items do not fully degrade but break down in smaller pieces through photo-degradation and abrasion and are ingested by marine life and birds who slowly die a painful death:

Victims of our daily convenience in using straws, plastic covers and bottles. All these can easily be replaced by reusable variants: cloth bags, stainless steel bottles and mugs for our daily reuse:

It is high Time for us to stop raping our planet! No oceans, no life, no us.

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