CTC Ainthinai – Weekly Summary Mailer 15 to 21 May 2017

CTC Ainthinai – Weekly Summary Mailer 15 to 21 May 2017

“Consider a tree for a moment. As beautiful as trees are to look at, we don’t see what goes on underground – as they grow roots. Trees must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and produce their beauty. But we don’t see the roots. We just see and enjoy the beauty. In much the same way, what goes on inside of us is like the roots of a tree. “
– Joyce Meyer

Event 1 : Saplings Maintenance Drive in Shollinganallur
Its an amazing feeling to see the fresh leaves in the Saplings, especially during summer!  Watered 100+ saplings planted at Mayanabhoomi around 6 months ago – A tractor load of water before sunrise and another closer to sunset ! Added dry leaves and sugarcane waste as mulch! More the mulch , the better would be water retention and prevention of weed growth! Join us during weekends  for Saplings maintenance!

Saturday Event  | Sunday Event

Event 2: Watering @ Padappai Green day Location
Continuous Fourth weekend Watering at Padappai is done by Cognizant Technology Solutions Outreach Volunteers team led by Mohan Raj. The Saplings are surviving good in amidst of drought and hot summer with the help of this selfless Volunteers. Heartfelt thanks each Volunteers who were participated to water the starving babies.
Sincere thanks to Cognizant for the unconditional and continuos support to save our Mother Earth.
Join with Ainthinai- ஐந்திணை to increase the green cover our surroundings and show some greeneries to our future generations.
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Event 3 : Watering event in Pooncheri
Two phases of Saplings Maintenance is already completed in a month back and now we are concentrating on watering the Saplings at Pooncheri, OMR. A mission to make the “Greener Highways” in association with Tamil Nadu Highways Department.
Yet again Cognizant Outreach Volunteers step forward to help in Watering the 200+ Saplings at Pooncheri. Great job done Mohan Raj and associated Volunteers.
Thanks a lot to Tamil Nadu Highways Department officials who joined with us and arranged the water for the Saplings.
#CTC #Ainthinai #Cognizant #CTS #Highways #HD #Saplings #Greener #Summer #Watering
Event 4 : Watering event @ 2016 green day Location:
Unstoppable and continuous 11th weekend Watering at Kambarajapuram is completed by our passionate and dedicated Volunteer team led by Manoj Kumar on Saturday (20 May).
Three tankers of water is distributed to 400+ Saplings which were starving in this hot summer. Hats off to all the dedicated Volunteers
Event 5 : Maintenance event @ Ponamalle
A mission towards “Greener Highways”, Ainthinai- ஐந்திணை had planted 400+ Saplings fee months back in association with Tamil Nadu Highways Department.
Our passionate Volunteers step forward to nurture the Saplings in this hot summer by watering them.
Thanks a lot to each and every passionate Volunteers who joined this event. Special thanks to Highways Department Staffs who joined with us and arranged the water for the Saplings.
#CTC #Ainthinai #Highways #Saplings #Greener #Summer #Watering
Event 6 : Maintenance event in Thiruvadisoolam :
Night Camping and Saplings Maintenance Drive at Thiruvadisoolam, Chengalpattu on 20,21 May 2017. Ainthinai- ஐந்திணை planted 350+ Saplings during December month in association with Tamil Nadu Forest Department.
25+ Volunteers participated in this drive and involved in maintaining the Saplings. Again Cognizant Outreach Volunteers also participated in this drive and supported the maintenance activity.
Activities Done:
1) Loosening the Soil
2) Applying Mulch
3) Watering
4) Fixing Tree Guards
#CTC #Ainthinai #Forest #Saplings #Camping #Maintenance #Watering

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Event 7: Maintenance in Manapakkam
Watering and maintenance at Manapakkam River bank.
Collected the hydrophytes that were mounted as garbage from the river and used it as mulching along with the fellow volunteers.
Turned the waste into wealth.😍
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