[CTC-Ainthinai] Weekly Ainthinai Green Events writeup – 8th May to 14th May, 2017

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In the continuous effort in increasing the green cover and continuous efforts to maintain the saplings planted by us throughout the plantation season and to make sure these plants can grow up into tall shady trees to not just produce more oxygen but also to support life forms like birds, CTC-Ainthinai has continuously been taking efforts. Growing temperature and water availability is not just a discomfort for us but also to tree saplings. Below are the past weeks events.
Sapling watering and maintenance, Shollinganallur May 12th – Friday
When we feel the hot weather pinching us, we sit on a tree’s shade. With temperature’s soaring, where would tree saplings go. Devaraj Nagar, one of the neighborhoods of Shollinganallur where we had planted 105 saplings last year, out of this 70 saplings have grown against all odds. CTC-Ainthinai has been doing continuous efforts to maintain these saplings. this week, we had our volunteers doing maintenance and watering activities in the area. 
Nursery and Saplings Maintenance drive, Shollinganallur May 13th – Saturday
It is said a seed has a potential to create a forest, but what do we do to the seeds of fruits we consume. With ever growing demand and need for saplings, CTC-Ainthinai setup few nurseries in available locations using collected seeds. These saplings too need regular maintenance and change into bigger covers once it grows well.
Saplings Watering, Kambarajapuram May 13th – Saturday
In an continuous effort to create a mini forest with the 1000+ saplings planted in Green Day – 2016 in Kambarajapuram near Walajabad. CTC-Ainthinai along with Cognizant Green Force volunteers watered the saplings on Saturday evening.
Waste segregation and composting session, Ambattur May 13th – Saturday
When the roads are littered, its a eyesore and the solution in mind is use dust bins. When we keep generating waste and properly use dustbins- what would it do? Create more and more eye soaring garbage mounds like Perungudi and Kodungayur on once serene wetlands. The only solution to this is proper source segregation followed by composting of organic waste and recycling the recyclable waste along with  emphasis on reuse and reduce. CTC-Ainthinai along with the Ambattur Ward of Chennai corporation conducted a campaign to promote source segregation and composting in a residential complex at Ambattur.

Nursery Maintenance drive, Shollinganallur May 14th – Sunday
CTC-Ainthinai had setup nurseries to use available city space and fruit and flower seeds to grow as many saplings as possible to improve the greening effort with the help of volunteers and nature enthusiasts. The nursery saplings too need periodic maintenance and we conducted a event for the same in our shollinganallur nursery.
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