[CTC-Ainthinai] Weekly Ainthinai Green Events writeup – 1st May to 8th May, 2017

In the continuous effort in increasing the green cover and continuous efforts to maintain the saplings planted by us throughout the plantation season and to make sure these plants can grow up into tall shady trees to not just produce more oxygen but also to support life forms like birds, CTC-Ainthinai has continuously been taking efforts. Growing temperature and water availability is not just a discomfort for us but also to tree saplings. Below are the past weeks events.

Sapling Maintenance drive, Shollinganallur – Monday 1st May,2017
There are a lot of newly developed residential neighborhoods in and around Shollinganallur. Most of these places were once green spots but today concrete jungles with potential for tree growth. In an effort to make residential localities, greener and provide people with tree shades, CTC-Ainthinai had planted saplings in the TNHB apartments. As in the case of any other place the saplings need watering and maintenance work. The activities included creating larger bunds, adjusting tree guards and support sticks, applying mulch and watering.
Sapling Maintenance drive, Mahalingapuram – Saturday 6th May,2017
This year, with cyclone Varadha a lot of green cover in the city was lost. A lot of well grown trees had fallen, one such locality in the heart of the city that had lost dome of its green cover was Mahalingapuram. We had planted over 75 saplings in the locality in 2 phases. In an effort to bolster the residents of the neighborhood who have been watering the saplings and maintaining the same regularly, we had conducted the sapling maintenance drive. The activities included, placing support sticks, readjusting the tree guard, creating larger bunds, applying mulch, applying panchagavyam(a mix made from cow products that act as natural fertilizer and has cooling effect needed for summer) and watering.
Sapling watering drive,Siruvanjur near Padapai – Saturday 6th May,2017
CTC-Ainthinai on its flagship Green day event planted 1000+ saplings at Siruvanjur near padappai in 2015. After last years continous maintenance, the plants have come up well but with growing temperature, it still needs our support mainly in the form of water. As a continuos effort from CTC-Ainthinai, we had watered the saplings this week as well.
Sapling Watering drive, Kambarajapuram – Saturday 6th May,2017
CTC-Ainthinai celebrated its flagship event green day – 2016 by planting 1000+ saplings at Kambarajapuram near Walajabad. After doing continuous maintenance work like creating larger bunds, applying mulching, pruning. CTC-Ainthinai is weekly watering the saplings. This week we watered 250+ saplings in the evening. Evening watering is considered better than morning as the plants get more time to absorb water until the sun comes and evaporation starts.
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Mayanabhoomi Watering and Happy Birthday Vignesh – Sunday 7th May,2017
CTC-Ainthinai had planted 100+ saplings in the Mayanabhoomi phase 2 in Shollinganallur locality. With the continuous efforts of our volunteers, the mayanabhoomi(Burial ground) is turning greener than the parks nearby. This week along with the watering the saplings, our Volunteer Vignesh celebrated his birthday in the plantation location. 
Happy Birthday Vignesh.
Sapling Maintenance Drive, Pooncheri – Sunday 7th May,2017
Most off you would remember years back we had narrower roads but most of them were so shady that even during summer noon, barely sunlight will fall on road. We still have such roads but with growing number of vehicles, the road width has been increasing and the trees by the side are disappearing. In an effort to improve the green cover on the highways and in creating the green roads again. CTC-Ainthinai along with State Highways department had planted Trees on either sides of 3KM stretch in poonjeri near Mamallapuram. This week we had done maintenance work that included readjusting tree guards, creating larger bunds, applying mulch and watering.
All who would like to celebrate their Birthdays or any special occasions along with nature and Ainthinai can contact us.
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