Chennai Coastal Cleanup/8 – Volunteer sync-up meet May 3rd – Initiatives

30 enthusiastic volunteers met yesterday evening to discuss the action plan for the 8th year edition of our Chennai Coastal Cleanup. Initiatives planned are listed below. Interested members can join us every Wednesday evening 7pm at ePagemaker Thiruvanmiyur to discuss and get involved in various ongoing initiatives to create awareness and work towards a greener and more sustainable future.

CCC7 links (last year)

For those new to Chennai Coastal Cleanup go through below –

Last years initiatives

Last years links (Chennai Coastal Cleanup/7)
Last years brochure

CCC8 Initiatives planned

1. No Plastic Challenge v3.0 (#R3Challenge) (Individuals, Organizations)
  Creating awareness on avoiding use of day-2-day use and throw plastics
  Coordinator: Balaji
  All volunteers to take up the NPC – details will be posted
2. Waste Management in (Individuals, Apartments, Companies, Schools)
  Implementing zero-waste communities, spreading awareness on segregation, composting, recycling
  Srinivasapuram zero-waste – Sathya, Ashok, Naveen, Peter, Ahamed, Raja
  Ceebros Vadapalani – Manisha
  Anna University – Puduma
  Hochtief – Thomas
  Kavita Flats (Arumbakkam) – Swathi
  Other communities welcome
3.’Waste to Wealth’ workshops (Individuals)
  Recycle Reuse Reduce: make beautiful things out of waste
  Need owner
4. Running for CCC (Individuals) – 25 chapters
5. Cycling for CCC (Individuals) – 5 groups
  Create awareness on CCC8 and plastics to various sports groups in the city
  All volunteers to participate in morning runs/rides
  Coordinators: to give 5min talk on above:  Roopa, Anbu, Karthik, Dhvinay, Manisha, Abitha, Swathi, Thomas, Ashish
6. Wall painting with Paintbox (Individuals)
  Identify public walls in the city for creative paintings to spread awareness. Last year we did Anna University and Thirunvanmyur beach
  Murugesan, Manoj, Pudhuma, Sheela
7. Community engagement (schools, fishermen’s villages – focus on coastal line)
  Drawing competitions, awareness presentations, green workshops, etc
  Swathi, Roopa, Sathya, Praveen, Abitha, Gayatri
8. Talking to vendors on beaches to avoid plastics / waste
  Sathya, Ashok, Sanchana (Foreshore, Marina)
  Need owners for Bessy and Thiruvanmiyur
9. Team up with Corporation to maintain beaches/parks
  Replicate the model beach of Thiruvanmiyur
  Sathya, Sanchana, Anbu
10. Taking interviews with corporates / vendors / individuals who do positive change towards green future
  + Advertise these role models through social media youTube /FB  
  Roopa, Karthik, Dinesh, Swathi
11. Engaging other cities (12 big cities last year) / coordinate with local NGOs
  Last year 12 cities / regional NGOs participated along with CTC in CCC/7
  Aravind, Gayatri, Balaji
12. Creatives – poster, promo video, FB wall covers, NPC posters, etc.
  Need more volunteers
  Yazar, Rajiv, Praveen
13. Awareness ride CCC8
  Big success last year with more than 200 cyclists participating on 100K ride on OMR
  Sathish, Thomas, Karthik
14. Photography
  Photographic coverage of CCC8 and its various initiatives
  Dinesh, Prassy

15. Chennai Coastal Cleanup – Mega beach / lake cleanup – June 18th (Individuals, Organizations)
  Our annual mega beach cleanup – 150 organizations, 6000 volunteers, 20km beaches, 12 zones, 12 cities, rivers / lakes, 50 tonnes of garbage, segregation + recycling
  Zone leads – see below
Following initiatives of last years CCC7 were less successful and were put on hold this year:
7. Standees in public places (Individuals, Organizations)
6. Clean up Treks (Individuals)
8. With the Schools (Individuals, Schools)
9. Partnering with the Police Department (Individuals)
10. Promotions in Public Parks (Individuals)
12. Photography/Video Competition (Individuals)
13. Quizzes (Individuals, Organizations)
CCC8 Beach Cleanup, June 18th
20km Chennai Coastal line will be divided in 12 beach zones. 150 Organizations / 6000 Volunteers will be assigned to various zones according to the garbage / size of each zone. We have allocated some volunteers already to each zone. Volunteers will be responsible for assessing zone boundaries, garbage survey, coordinating logistics / materials / volunteers, etc. Anyone interested to participate join us in our next sync up meet.
1 – Marina – Shiva, Rojish 
2 – Lighthouse – Ashok R, Naveen
3 – Santhome – Balaji J
4 – Foreshore – need coordinator
5 – Broken Bridge – Kote
6 – Besant Nagar – Anbu
7 – Thirunvanmyur+Kalekshetra – Yazar, Muthu, Balaji G, R Praveen
8 – Kottivakam+Pallavakam (Kottivakam kuppam) – need coordinator
9 – Neelankarai North/South – Ahamed, Sathya
10 – Injambakkam – Ravi
11 – Akkarai – Bakya
12 – Panayur + Uthandi – Thanigai/Anitha
13 – Lakes / coordinate with EFI – need coordinator
CCC8 Creatives
To get kick started we require following creatives:
CCC8 teaser – Rajiv
CCC8 logo – Rajiv
CCC8 brochure – Yazar
CCC8 event poster – owner? 
CCC8 FB wall cover (personal, page, group) – owner?
CCC7 Partners
Last years partners: 
The Hindu – event partner
Casa Granda – title sponsor
Viketan – media partner
BigFM – radio partner
Various corporates – sponsors

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