CCC8 Waste Management Initiative & Srinivasapuram

A unique event conducted as part of CCC8’s waste management initiative. An event conducted not only to make the lanes of Srinivasapuram clean & colorful but also to provide a platform to interact with them !!

Did it succeed ?!? We would proudly say yes !!! More than 200+ teams, with an average of 2 to 3 per team approximately around 500 community members participated !!

With CTC’s amazing photography team & volunteers, we covered every nook & corner of the tiny Srinivasapuram lanes to find them turn beautified with colorful Kolams !!!

All the lanes were filled with people either by the participants or their friends who were cheering them.
This gave us a wonderful opportunity to interact with them about proper waste management & cleanliness. Many also promised to join our ZeroKuppai(waste) Movement. 

Though many Kolams which were drawn were bit out of topic ( Environment protection/Nature) our main motive was to make the people come out of their homes,
Which we believe we have greatly succeeded !!! Adding to that we got a bonus of making the lanes look more colorful & beautiful.
Thanks and Regards,

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