[CTC-Ainthinai] Weekly Ainthinai Green Events writeup – 20th March to 2nd March, 2017

Hello All,
Every week in an effort to make a good changes in the society, CTC-Ainthinai conducts many events. Last two weeks as well, we had various events. Please find below the summary of all these events.
Sapling Maintenance drive at Shollinganallur – 21st March – Tuesday
Every week, CTC-Ainthinai keeps coming back to the same location for maintenance. This is one thing that is very necessary to make sure that the plant grows well into a large shady tree. We created large bunds to store as much water as possible, apply mulching so it absorbs water and retain moisture for long and of coarse watering.
Back to our roots – 25th March – Saturday
Farming is something which does not only feeds the farmer but everyone. To appreciate the efforts a farmer puts and to take some pressure from the farmers we visit farms, CTC-Ainthinai organised visit to a Organic farm on the outskirts of the city. The farming works like transplanting paddy and few other works was done. The treasure trove that these farms have maintained is the water level in the place. The volunteers also enjoyed a dip in the nearby well.
Sapling Maintenance Drive at Mayanabhoomi and GYOS – Shollinganallur – 26th March – Sunday
CTC-Ainthinai volunteers created 95+ Saplings, bigger bund formation is in progress through local hire. Also, the volunteers transplanted some 40+ Badam saplings to nursery for repacking which otherwise will get dried. Around 9 volunteers registered for ‘GrowYourOwnSaplings’ initiative will be growing 15+ saplings by sowing pungai, Sara Kondrai, Manjal Kondrai Seeds in covers at their backyard – They will be used in the upcoming plantation season, once the saplings grow upto 4 to 5 feet! Also the kid in the pic celebrated birthday with us. Wish the kid a wonderful years ahead.
This location has been having a lot of drives and we would have many more such drives in coming weeks to apply mulch and replace thorn trees with permanent tree guards. Be a part in making this barren Mayanabhoomi green.
Continued Maintenance effort at Mayanabhoomi, Shollinganallur – 30th March, Sunday
Continued effort on the weekends from quite some time now to make sure that the planted 95+ saplings in the barren Mayanabhoomi blooms and become a green location. More events to follow.
Sapling Maintenance at HD and Grow your own vegetables, Avadi – 1st March, Saturday
Along with the highways department for the green Highways project, in the Avadi area we had planted along the State Highways for more than 2KM stretch. Thanks to regular watering by the department, they are in good condition. We did mulching and bund strengthening wherever required to make the sapling growth less water intensive.
We had initially a team divided for Grow your own vegetables event in a home near Avadi, this is basically a event to sustain the needs of family by growing vegetables themselves. Brinjal, lady finger, bitter cord, spinach, corn and radish among others were grown by creating Suitable beds in an organic way.
Any event would be remembered by the refreshment we have. The mouth watering Koozh, delicious kozhambu made with a lot of vegetables and mocha seeds, the cut mango and the mor milagai, we would always remember the event
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Ainthinai’s Nursery Maintenance Drive – Sholinganallur- 2nd March, Sunday
Repacked 30+ Pungai Saplings, Prepared mother bed for Pungai, Karuvelam and Kodukapuli Seeds, Watered the saplings and planted two Pungai Saplings at Sholinganallur.
Kambarajapuram watering – 1st April, Saturday
One of our signature events Green day held every year. The 2016 green day was held at Kambarajapuram near walajabad and we planted 1000+ saplings here. Most maintenance works have been done here like bund creation, mulching with our continuous maintenance efforts but for this large parcel of barren land with planted saplings to turn out into a forest, it needs great effort and to battle this summer, these trees too need water. Just 8 volunteers watered 20000l(4 tank load) to 1000+ saplings on saturday night. This is a continuous effort and we would be having more such events.
Mulching material collection
We collected 60 sacks of dry cut grass from a corporate company in OMR. These grasses are cut from lawns and if not used as mulch will either add to loads of dump into the dumpyard or burnt. The same is an excellent mulch and helps retain moisture and allow the insects like earthworm thrive that makes the soil fertile. A lot of people have been continuously helping us on mulches from their homes, apartments, offices. Thanks to all the volunteers who help us get mulching materials and those who selflessly help us load them.
Team Ainthinai

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