10*10 Weekly update ( 10-14 Apr)

                                                                    ” Hills…. We Love Them. We Hate Them.

                                                                They Make Us Strong. They Make Us Weak.
                                                                          Today We Choose To Embrace Hills”

Team Ultra with 60+ runners & cyclist successfully conquered the 2nd highest peak in Tamil Nadu. Yes, this happend last weekend. Team ultra covered 90+ kms in 3 days in the beautiful & lush green hills of Munnar surrounded by tea estates.
10*10 team has successfully completed 13th series of running covering more than 1300k & still going stronger & stronger. More & more people are getting motivated & inspired by our regular runners & lacing up ther shoes to hit the roads/trails. Leading a healthy & active lifestyle is our motto.
Join us guys. You can run anytime, anyday, anywhere, just put on your shoes & hit the road/trail. Cherish the joy or running. Be active, be agile, be healthy & be healthy!!!

Keep Running…
CTC Running Team 🙂

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