Weekly Ainthinai Green Events writeup – 13th March to 19th March, 2017

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Every week in an effort to make a good changes in the society, we conduct many events. This week also, we had various events. Please find below the summary of all these events.
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Sapling Maintenance Drive, Shollinganallur,14 March
Less than 10 volunteers gathered in the morning hours of Tuesday to spend their valuable time for sapling maintenance at Mayanabhoomi Phase II plantation site at Shollinganallur. The volunteers created cost effective tree guards to save the saplings from being grazed away by the cattle in the coming summer. The tree guards were made out of thorn(Seemai Karuvelam/Veli kaathan) trees and through innovative usage of waste banners. One of our volunteers Sukanya celebrated her birthday with Ainthinai.
Tree guards were placed for 30+ saplings and 40+ Arasa maram saplings were repacked into milk covers all within morning hours of a workday by our energetic volunteers.
Sapling Maintenance Drive, Nochi,16 March
Nochikuppam a fishing Hamlet on the shores of Marina that many would choose not to notice. This locality is set to become Chennai’s first zero waste zone thanks to tireless and selfless efforts of our Nochi team. We had also planted saplings along the locality and a park in the locality. Few energetic volunteers gathered on weekday morning to do the sapling maintenance work of creating bunds, applying mulches and watering the saplings.
Grow your Own saplings,17 March
For growing tree saplings you do not need very huge place but just a place for environment in the heart and will to work. On the same lines 4 of our volunteers gathered in one of our volunteer Apoorva’s house on Friday morning to create a sand bed with about 250 Pungai saplings that would germinate and will be transferred to milk covers to make saplings. Pungai is one of the Native drought resistant trees that also cause a slight decrease in temperatures. When these seeds become trees, it is going to be a treat to the city.
Complete story – Here 

Tree Plantation at Puthu Nagar, Medavakkam,18 March
Few of our energetic volunteers gathered on saturday morning for quick sapling plantation drive where 10 saplings were planted in Puthu Nagar in Medavakkam in a residential area.
Back To roots, Volunteering at organic Farm,18 March
Its important to look back and few sometime with our roots. CTC-Ainthinai organised in back to roots an event in Valam organic farm to help the farmers in farming activity and also to learn organic farming techniques and connect to the ways that we have left behind.
Full Coverage : Here
Sapling Maintenance Drive at ICF North Colony,18 March
Once there were patches, where a slight drop in temperature could be felt once we enter the place. ICF colony in North Chennai is one such place but post Varadha, the place lost a considerable number of trees. In a effort to bring back the lost glory and beyond, CTC-Ainthinai did two plantations, one in a residential location and other in a park in the locality. Volunteers spent their morning Hours in sapling maintenance making bunds applying mulches and watering the saplings. After the sapling maintenance few of our volunteers went on to load mulch collected from dry leaves for future events.
Visit to Cuckoo Movement for children, 18-19 March
Deferring from our traditional methods of rote learning AKA our educational system that creates a disconnect from all that is around us, the Cuckoo movement which Teaches the kids beyond the curriculum to live along with environment. Nested between the beautiful Javadhu Hills on Thiruvannamalai, the school needed voluntary help on building a wall along a well. CTC-Ainthinai volunteers helped for the same along with spending time with kids.
Photo coverage in FB event here
Camping cum Maintenance drive at Kambarajapuram, 18-19 March
Kambarajapuram is the Green Day,2016 location of CTC-Ainthinai where 1000+ saplings were planted. This weekend, a camping cum maintenance drive was organised with night camping on saturday with volunteers having fun time cooking, chatting and eating. Sunday early morning around 5.30 few volunteers who are also fitness enthusiasts went for running and buy 6 all the volunteers gathered to start maintenance work in this mini forest in making.Bund creation, applying mulch and watering was done.
Sapling Maintenance drive at Manapakkam, 19 March
Chennai is a city blessed with quite a good number of water bodies. Adyar river that flows through south Chennai was once a beautiful site, to bring back the lost glory one important step is greenification of the boundaries. CTC-Ainthinai planted saplings along the bunds of the river at Manapakkam. Sunday morning Maintenance work was done for the same.

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