Weekly Ainthinai Green Events Write-up – 27th Feb to 5th March,2017

Shollinganallur Mayanabhoomi Ph2 Maintenance – Tuesday 
28-Feb, 2017

One of the signature plantations of CTC-Ainthinai is the Mayanabhoomi(Burial ground). The Mayanabhoomi phase-2 is a large parcel of land in Shollinganallur which is largely dry. This plantation season, Ainthinai decided to cover as much area in the place with trees as possible. This week about 6 volunteers joined hands to remove the thorn trees from the place as use the same as tree guards for our saplings to save them from being grazed by cattle.
Nursery Maintenance Drive at Sholinganallur 
Nursery is the place where we sow the seeds, raise the saplings, grow them to enough heights and use them to plant during the plantation drives. Ainthinai is working on setting up it’s own Nursery wherever we find the suitable places. During this drive, our volunteers involved in preparing the soil for the saplings, did sow the seeds in the saplings cover, placed the covers in a fine place and watered all the saplings which are being raised. In next season Ainthinai is going to plant the saplings which are raised in it’s own home.

Terrace Gardening Hand on – Saturday 4th Mar,2017

With large scale real estate development, a lot of green belt has become concrete jungle. With many farmland having become buildings, it is tile the buildings find a place within them for some farm work. About 25 enthusiastic volunteers attended the first of the series of sessions on Terrace Gardening at Sholinganallur. Here, we had live and hands-on experience of planting and maintaining terrace garden.
Kambarajapuram, Walajabad Camping & Maintenance – 4,5th March,2017
CTC-Ainthinai’s green day 3 location where we have planted more than 1000+ saplings and fenced the to be forest with palm seeds and Bamboo saplings. As the summer is approaching, the planted saplings need good amount of care so as to grow as a tree. This is our continuous effort at maintaining the plantation location and there would be more such drives. The main work includes creating bunds around the saplings, mulching and watering. Mulching would form a layer on the soil that would retain moisture and help the sand retain the wetness and reduce the need for water. The event was done along night fun night camping. Along with chicken and veg barbeque, Biryaani and jack fruit payasam was a hit in the dinner.

Grow Your Own Saplings Sunday 5th March, 2017 Evening, Tambaram

This year with Vardha cyclone has added to the ever growing demand in the city and surrounding for saplings. To bridge this gap, CTC-Ainthinai came with the initiative of grow your own saplings, where we use our backyards or any space available to grow tree saplings. In one such efforts, this Saturday our volunteers gathered to use one such piece of land near Tambaram to grow sapling using stem, this is a method where we can grow larger saplings in a very short period of time. A good number of our volunteers joined as family and brought in our kids. 40 duch saplings were created for Poovarasu tree. 2 small events for the same went with about 5 volunteers on weekdays as well.
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1417248951649703/

Any activity that involves people and materials have logistics involved. Sameway, in our events we have a some material transportation that needs a good amount work and this used to take quite some time for us. This was quite a laborious task to find a vehicle. Now we have 
LYNK, the logistics partner for JOY OF TREE Campaign in Ainthinai Ctc mission to revive Chennai’s Green Cover
Team Ainthinai

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