Segregation Success Stories – Ceebros Belvedere

Ceebros Belvedere Waste Statistics after the last 90 days is of full scale segregation is up:
The good: 77% of waste saved from the landfill. That’s a whopping 77 tonnes of waste on an annual basis that will now either become compost or be recycled. The compost is being used to grow vegetables – of which we have sold Rs. 700 rupees worth so far
The areas of improvement: We need to reduce “RED” 23% of our waste is still going to the landfill. We need to bring this down to below 5%, via a bit more awareness and sustained campaign!
Some nice pics of the various efforts over the last 3-4 months and of some of the saplings that are beginning to come up. we have pomegrenate, okra, lemon, sapota, tomatoes, chillies, spinach, bread fruit, mosambi and more… in our garden now. Now, expanding to some nice flowers – Parijatham, Bougeanvilla, Cup/Saucer and Rangoon creepers… all on their way!
We all can take a lot of inspiration from Nochikuppam and Srinivasapuram – if these poor fishermen communities can become zero waste. Why can’t we?
Source: Ashwin Sekar

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