CTC's Navigation Bootcamp IV, April-May 2017

Opening registrations for the 4th year edition of our Navigation Bootcamp – a 2-months / 8 module course including both theory and field assignments to teach the art of map reading and navigation. Cost – NIL.
This week can be used to form your teams. Take care in picking the right team members who are committed to spending sufficient time over the next 2 months to complete the assignments. Next week we start of with the first module & assignment.

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CTC’s Navigation Bootcamp IV, April-May 2017


Are you interested to learn the art of map reading?
Do you wish to explore new trails for hiking, biking, cycling or running?
Always wanted to understand about latitudes and longitudes?
Want to orient yourself using compass and bearings?
Intrigued how GPS based navigation systems work?
Want to explore the world using your own smartphone?
Wish to learn about contours and topomaps?
Interested to create your own trails using Google Maps?
Want to learn more about useful mapping and navigation apps?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then read on…


Welcome to the 4th year edition of CTC’s Navigation Bootcamp – a 2-months long hands-on program to learn about map reading, navigation and more.

The Bootcamp consists of 8 modules – each module touches upon a key topic which will be taught through both theory and hands-on field assignments.
No prerequisite knowledge is required to participate
Participation is only possible through small teams (min 2, max 4 members)
Each team will need to complete each module assignment to proceed to the next module .
Theory and field assignments are location independent – they can be completed anywhere near your own city
Each module will take about 2 hours of learning and half a day (weekday morning, weekend) to complete the associated field assignment.
Each module will need to be completed in a 3-4 days deadline in order to proceed to the next level.

The final Bootcamp completion assignment will be at treasure hunt at Nagalapuram on May 20-21. Teams who successfully complete all 8 assignments will receive the CTC Navigation Bootcamp certificate.

Important – while forming your team ensure that all members are committed to spending time on the theory and field assignments. Overall duration will be around 50 hours over 2 months. Many teams / members dropped half-way in previous editions due to lack of commitment.


To successfully complete the assignments each team member needs to have access to:

Laptop with internet access
Smartphone with build-in GPS
Installed “GPS/Compass” and “Mapping” apps


Module 1 – Positioning & Distance, Latitude/Longitude
Module 2 – Map Reading & Trail Creation
Module 3 – Navigating the plains
Module 4 – Contours & Topomaps
Module 5 – Topotrails & Elevation profiles
Module 6 – Compass, Altimeter and Bearings
Module 7 – Navigating the hills
Module 8 – Treasure Hunt


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