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Dear Organizers / Moderators,

I propose to make a small change in our current process of info sharing in CTC to optimize readership / audience engagement. Instead of the current process of sending an email to CTC group, (sometimes) putting up a separate FB post and thirdly (myself) posting a copy of your mail onto the CTC blog I would like to link all three seamless together as below:
1. First post your write-up, article, … onto the CTC blog (ask me to create an account for you). Our blog is our main archive containing 9 years / 1200+ articles through which new members find, get to know and join us.
2. The blog post will have an option to share to FB – include a small preview in your share. Social media allows us to reach out to a wide public audience, not restricted to CTC. Anyone new to CTC can easily click on the FB post to be redirected to the CTC blog where he/she can find out all other activities in CTC and join us if interested.
3. Thirdly, copy paste the blog post into an email, include a link to the FB post and send to our Google Group. Emails reach out to our 30 thousand member base (and does not dependent on FB timeline). Nothing more convenient then reading an article in your lazy inbox. Members interested to share with their friends, talk to the author, leave their opinion, discuss the topic among other people can simply click on the FB link to get engaged.
Linking all three above (blog, FB, mail) gives us better reach / engagement among CTC member + public audience.

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