CTC Profiles – Ruthira Moorthy

Featuring Ruthira Moorthy
What are you currently doing (job/study)? your interests?
 I am working in a software company as like many of us in CTC. Interested about things like trekking, cycling, Outdoors, Travel, navigation, Music, Technology and Electronics and it is changing too.
When & How did you get started CTC?
All the adventures of my life are started with a moderate Nagala trek on November 2012. Which is organized by Raj Jacob. Thanks a lot Raj , If you would have not selected me for the trek. I may not be writing this. 
What are the activities of CTC that you are involved in?
Trekking is my main focus at the beginning of my CTC life, Afterwards it started growing like cycling, Hill running, Marathons, Swimming, Triathlons, Cleanup’s , CTC events volunteering and much more.
What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with CTC?
I think the social, environmental and Fitness/Active life style awareness. We create on friends through various events is big achievement. They are getting motivation because of our activity.
Anything else you might want to add?
After CTC world, I find myself new and Better in all aspects of life. CTC gave me platform to explore places and Myself.
Every Moment with CTC is Fun and best.  An old man who ran half marathon wished us while giving him cold water shower during our trail marathon. The words he used and the way he blessed, I cannot forget that. Best part of CTC is Volunteering.
How do you manage your work life balance?
Other people may deal with Personal life and work life. But we have third one “CTC life”. managing the three will be fun and tough. but I have learned that quickly. Very simple, we will somehow find time to do the thing we love and for others we will find excuse.
Any specific goals/dream that you are working on?
Have fitness goals and other goals for myself, first need to complete Half iron on coming Triathlon and need to improve swimming, running skills  while I do regular cycling, the non-fitness goal is to become an entrepreneur and I am working towards that.
How has your life changed after joining this CTC?
I am more aware about many things now.  life is completely Changed. From Boring weekend to Jam packed Weekends. Passive unfit Life style à active fit life style. Now I can talk about many things which I don’t even know before. The friends, knowledge ,outdoor and sports experience which CTC giving cannot be expressed  in words.
 Share some of your cycling that you did in the CTC?
I am part of many cycling trips, tours, event in CTC. I always cherish few cycling Trips
1)     cycling in Annapurna circuit Nepal (5416 Meter) height. Usually people trek in Annapurna, but we did cycling over there. which is relay tough and unforgettable.
2)     Two days Nagari cycling , four days Munnar cycling, Two days kalrayan cycling, Three days Palani cycling, two days nagala cycling and so on.. the list is little big to list here.
We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC ?
In any CTC event the organizer is learning management. I too learnt the same and it is very useful in my professional career.  More confident about handling people and events. Coordination  and negotiations is way better than before. Thank you CTC for everything J

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