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In our ongoing series about CTC’s (ad)ventures we touch upon CTC’s Photography team showcasing an impressive track record!
The CTC photography team has played an important role in creating awareness about running, cycling, swimming, clean-up, triathlon,  Chennai Coastal Cleanup, green initiatives etc., by capturing wonderful moments and getting it published on the same day on social media.
CTC photography team is facing lot of challenges to cover the larger events like marathon, triathlon since the participants are huge and number of photographs we click also huge, still we manage to select the pictures and post it in Social media on the same day to create more awareness.
Recently we have covered our own event CTC Swimmathon and posted nearly 900+ pictures on the same day and we received massive response of 1000+likes in less than 24 hours.
CTC photography team covers some non CTC events like TWCM, D2D and few more events.
CTC Photography team conducts regular photo-walks, photo-trips and photo-treks to different locations and always keen on choosing unique destination to capture with our third-eye.
CTC Photography team organizes different type of photo walks like, street photography, heritage photography, nature photography and many more.
Over past few months we have organized few major photography trips, especially Photography & Wandering trip to North-east India state (Meghalaya, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur) and Myannmar. 
The Pillars of CTC photography team organizers are NavaneeShyamPramodKarthikAllwynJohnySaravananBala, Vijay, Prasanna and Dinesh Kumar.
Over past few months we have organized nearly 10+ photo-walks, 2 heritage trips and 2 major photography trip/treks.
Past few months we have shared nearly 25000+ pictures in Social media which is equal to 73 GB of data.
Nearly 75+ photography volunteers are supporting all the events happening in Chennai Trekking Club.
CTC Photography team planned to organize basic photography workshop, Star Trial photography, Sports Photography and more heritage trips in upcoming months.
CTC Photography team is planning to organize some international trip in upcoming months as we are in progress in choosing locations and other details related to the photography trip.

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