CTC Ainthinai Newsletter Issue #1, Feb 2017

Proud to launch the first edition of our CTC Ainthinai monthly newsletter, both in PDF and social media formats. Do share among your friends and colleagues and invite them to join us in creating a greener and more sustainable planet.

The Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) is a non-profit, volunteer based group which organizes outdoor, sports, green and social events throughout the year on weekends and weekday mornings. Founded in 2008 the group is one of the most active and largest in South India with 39 thousand members and featured in 250+ news articles.
CTC organizes a wide diversity of outdoor and sports activities to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Activities include trekking, cycling, running, open water swimming, biking, photography, educational workshops, ladies & family treks. Major annual events include the Chennai Trail MarathonJavadhu Hill UltraChennai Iron Triathlon and Chennai Swimathon. CTC organizes easy, moderate and difficult treks as well as periodic fitness tests for new members.
Each year CTC organizes a major symposium “Trek Polamaa?” where renowned guest speakers come to give inspirational talks on various topics related to outdoors, sports, nature and environment.
Ainthinai the Green wing of CTC was set up in 2012 with a centralized aim on creating a sustainable environment for the future. Nature conservation events like Tree Plantations and Maintenance, Clean ups at water bodies, Organic and Terrace Farming workshops on waste management and plastic free lifestyle form an integral part of Ainthinai.
Ainthinai has the habit of taking care of the budding trees. Maintenance activities will be organised for approximately one year. As a result of these maintenance activities the saplings planted during the previous years have shown a survival rate of 75 to 80 percent. The automated and engineered life is engulfing even the remote areas of the world which might result in an environment that may not support a healthy living for the generations to come.
CTC and Ainthinai are working tirelessly in breaking these walls from the daily lifestyle of the common man and exposing them to an arena of happy and healthy and a living.

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