Turtle walk in collaboration with SSTCN

Write-up by Anbu
I went to turtle walk yesterday and it was my first walk. I got a call from hema by 9.pm that someone is unable to go today and are u able to go. Then is started from office and went home and had dinner and started from home. I parked by vehicle in best nagar near thalapakkati and from there i went with my friend to  neelangarai and had buttermilk on thiruvanmiyur on the way. I reached the venue by 11.30 . Then raghu who is leading the walk explained about the walk and why we are doing. Then by 12 .pm we started from neelangarai and walk towards bessi.
Raghu started sharing his experience in walk and about the various day walks. Then we reached thirumpiyathum around 1 and took rest for half an hour. After a short break we started moving towards bessi and some of the dogs join with us to the destination . We almost reach the hatchery near theosophical society and thought we had a bad luck. And we continued to the walk towards the broken bridge . In-between hatchery  and broken bridge we found the trace of turtle walk and searched around . The trace was very clear and we followed the trace from shore to the land and then to the shore. Then raghu explained where will be the nest on the  trace.
Most of the nest will be located on the meeting point of ascent and descent  path.. After 5 minutes of search we found the neat started taking the eggs . We counted the eggs and placed in the bag. After collecting 117 eggs we found 6 were damaged. Then we measured the size of the nest(length,breadth and width).nest was pot shaped with small opening and big end at the bottom. Then we move towards the broken bridge and completed the walk in another 10 minutes. Then we went to the hatchery and dig the hole of same size as nest. Then we placed the eggs in the nest and closed it with sand in the same depth as found. Then we marked the place for tracking and entered the details In the document . We all were happy on saving 111 eggs successfully and slept inside the hatchery up to 4.45 and then started to home. While walking towards bessi from hatching point we also watched the shore and reached the bike parking.

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