Interview from Youngest Man of CTC – Ainthinai – Mr. Sreedharan

Here comes the Youngest man of Ainthinai, Mr. Sreedharan, sharing his experiences with Ainthinai.
I am 69 and retired from Central Government service. Enjoying my retired life as on date with young and energetic group of AINTHINAI. 
It was one day when I saw a news item that CTC is organizing coastal cleanup.  I took interest in that, since all my life I lived in Government quarters where the streets will be clean .The moment I started my life in Chennai the scenes i saw was soar to me. 
That made me to take part in the coastal clean up and on that occasion I came across lot of youngsters doing social works. That is how I came into CTC and today I have lot of youngsters as my friends.
Though on the first day I have collected lot of plastics and was to extremely happy for the contribution. During next year coastal cleanup 
an incident gave me a shock. Early morning when I was picking up rubbish from Fore Shore Estate area I saw two men drinking alcohol and
they just threw the plastic tumbler and the empty water sachet knowing pretty well that we are helping/teaching them the need to clean.
Subsequent events I have avoided but happy to see my friends even after such thing continue to do their best. Hats off to them.
I started joining for tree plantation and maintenance. My first  work was with lot of unknown faces in a lake bund near Kanchipuram. 
It was very hot day but every one involved in the maintenance work. Recently I visited the same spot and happy to see the trees grown up 
and more when I saw more saplings are planted by villagers themselves after taking clue from AINTHINAI. Since then, may be 4 years, I am associated with CTC/AINTHINAI team in planting and maintenance activities. I also joined the  first two AINTHINAI Green Day events.It was a wonderful experience and very satisfying activity.
There is nothing as biggest achievement but having the company of good and hard working, committed volunteers. The group when
it is out of Chennai plans to stay overnight and that is wonderful experience. Normally I have seen the youngsters with good habits, no politics, 
no gossiping but lot of fun by singing, dancing and pilling others but with out entering into personal life. Over all I see these youngsters 
a week schedule, mostly handling mouse, comes and enjoys while doing a service to the planet and by that relaxing going back for 
next week schedule in the office. This itself  I see as a stress buster for many.
I took part in two Green Day events of CTC/AINTHINAI and happy to receive memento as  “PASUMAI WARRIOR” in 2015 event.
Being a retired person I have ample amount  of time and there is no work pressure which makes me to be  more committed for this satisfying activity. This message of tree planting/maintenance should be carried to the college and school level also. In my opinion AINTHINAI  should not just stop with plantation and maintenance only but go one step ahead, if required another wing of AINTHINAI should be there to broadcast this message to the educational institutions and to larger audience.
I am happy that AINTHINAI has some notable persons in their contacts like Mr. Irulandi, IFS, and Dr. Narasimhan, Professor in MCC. 
They can be roped in conducting lectures in colleges and arranging tree walks for youg generations. Hope AINTHINAI core will consider this suggestion.
I am watching the AINTHINAI team for almost four years. Plenty of new volunteers and many of them are today leading  in organizing many
events of CTC / Ainthinai at different places. Ainthinai always  encourages the participation of new volunteers.There is also total gender equality in this team.I see some group from cycling meets the runners, trekkers and bickers and vice versa and share their experiences. 
AINTHINAI IS a place for all to mix, mingle and spread your friendship circle and also work together for the betterment of the planet.
To high light for the commitment I will add how the car owners are transporting the tools, saplings and even manure in their cars while few in our society will not remove the plastic cover of the car seat just to keep their cars in Mint condition. Over all I enjoy being with this  group and along i also contribute to the greenery of the plants. Age is not a concern for this group and that is why I am with them even at the age of 69.
The trees which used to be gentle, in the name of “VARDAH” played havoc / Many trees were uprooted and many branches have  broken and fallen. This is a sad time for the AINTHINAI volunteers but they will raise on this tough situation and add many more trees.
Dr. Narasimhan, known to AINTHINAI,stated that most of the trees uprooted are exotic and non native trees. The aim of AINTHINAI is only for planting native trees.When I travel in the National High ways I dream that the median should  be planted and  lined with PALM Trees all along. Palm Tree improve the water charging and these trees will not be a hindrance for the traffic on the contrary may help in stopping uncontrolled vehicle jumping in the opposite lane also. Also for a note Palm tree is the TamilNadu State Tree.
Join Ainthinai have fun and also contribute to the society.
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