CTC Women Bike Team – Scoot to Pondy – Feb 11 & 12

SCOOT to PONDY!! – Feb 11 & 12
Abitha Balakrishnan 
The title which captured our mind, made us to register for the event. A trip to get us away from usual work. Gel up with different people. Get to know each other. To fulfill a drop of desire of doing something different. Eventually we started on Saturday early morning and returned on Sunday evening. Two days flew away and now with all memories lingering in everyone’s heart.
Distance doesn’t matter when we travel with like-minded souls
We were asked to bring minimal luggage to kick start our Scooty ride to Pondy. As the event focuses Women in majority and everyone will be pretty sure how our minimal luggage will be!! Amazing organizers didn’t inform priorly that our bags will be carried in support vehicle. If they had informed then imagine our luggage J
We all gathered around 5:30am at Tidel signal and after all formalities we started our ride at 6:30am. Nisha leaded the troop, whereas Naan Sundar and Swati sweeped all of us.
We started our journey with a support vehicle and nearly 17 bikes. We stopped at a place for tea and snack and then next halt is for breakfast at Arusuvai virundhu, Kalpakkam.
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After breakfast, we went for boating at Muthaliyarkuppam. We took motor boats and after traveling 4 kms in backwater we reached an island. A beautiful place which was overwhelmed by peace. Only sound of the waves was heard. Somewhere at the distance there were fishermen ready to spread their nets and hunt for fishes.
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People replenished their energies in the island.
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Kabaddi was played in which people pulled each other’s leg. Rolled over the sand, without minding it. No strict rules was followed. Game was absolute fun!! Referee’s decision was never accepted by the losing team and finally somehow one team was declared as Winner.  
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Until we got next note from organizers we were fondling with puppy which apparently enjoyed our warmth.
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Then with our headlights on, we started our bikes again and moved on where next pause is for lunch at Marakkanam. We were going one beyond other enjoying the ride. I hope it was an awestruck view for passerby who viewed our bike rides and waved us.
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After reaching Pondichery, we were given a guest house for refreshing. We had a fight for dividing the rooms amongst men and women then we all relaxed for some-time. People went to market for buying Veggies and Fishes. Food preparation happened in full on mode. Meanwhile others were kept busy by playing Antakshari and dumb charades (where mostly arguments and laugh was heard!!)
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Veg was prepared inside the kitchen whereas non – veg preparation happened at open space. We collected bricks and wood and Tharani being the chef instructed others to follow the protocol. Fish fry, fish curry along with rice for non – veggies and cauliflower curry with potato chips for veggies were served hot.
Stay At Shore
After dinner, everyone was eager for the night camp at sea shore. Organizers ensured that camp is safe and drove us to the destination. By night, moon had spread its luminescence in the dark along with cool breeze soothes the soul. Some enjoyed the waves silently. Few danced and had long time discussion. At last, everyone was ready with their sleeping bags to withstand the cold and had sound sleep in sand bed with beautiful view of the sky above.
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Slowly everyone woke up from their tent and sleeping bags to welcome the Sun.
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As the day was cloudy we weren’t able to see the Sun rise completely. Since we had to return, we started at 7am from shore and got ready at the guest house.
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On our return to Chennai, we went to Polaris at ECR. We were all set to go ahead for the paint ball game. Everyone was segregated into different teams by Vishwa. Face mask and safety jacket along with a gun filled with paint bullets was given to each one of us. Safety instructions and rule of the game was demonstrated by the guide.
Fresher for the game went for friendly match and others decided to go for actual game to fulfill their adventurous fun. Everyone enjoyed watching the game encouraging players to proceed further.
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Few of us got injured with the bullet. They stayed with all contentment that they got something to pose J (actually they played bravely!!)
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Thus, our trip came to an end with all good memories. None were tired as we paused at many places for relaxing and fueling our stomach as well as bikes. We are all ready to start our weekday fresh with contended mind.
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Thank you organizers for a wonderful trip and eager to meet you all soon 🙂
   Kick start !! 
   Aishwarya Bala 
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Pondy, the fancy name for Pondicherry, was the destined destination of my first bike ride on my first ever scooter. Last month I bought my scooter, feeling bad that I couldn’t get a bullet that could take me places, beyond immediate reach. Suddenly a post by Chennai Trekking Club popped up on my Facebook feed saying ”Scooty to Pondy”. I immediately registered without second thoughts.
As the travel date approached, the excitement level decreased and nervousness started increasing. This was my first journey with CTC. The nervousness prevailed till we started our journey from Tidal Park, as many members knew each other from their previous interactions at CTC.  What was interesting is that it didn’t take very long for all of us to bond. It all kick started when we stopped at the Boat house where few had a beach bath, went for long walks and others played kabadi. By this time, my feelings were reversed. Excitement began rising with all the energy that comes with supporting and playing kabadi. Finally, Biriyani came to the rescue when our stomachs started grumbling.
The feel of riding (western style one behind the other) was amazing. Most of all because it gives me freedom. It’s about being outside, the wind on your face, my hair dancing with the gushing wind and the visuals and sounds of life in the city or countryside. What more can one ask for?
Dumb Charades and antakshari was energy packed, with lots of laughter and fun. While few of us played games, some others cooked delicious dinner! On the East Coast, what can one have? Fish, Of course! For dinner we had fresh and yummy fish curry served with steaming rice. And yes, there was food for vegetarians as well. The energy level and the noise came down the minute we could smell our dinner.
Post dinner we headed to the shore to set up our tents and beds for the night.
Lying on a lonely beach with the entire group and doing nothing is what I have always dreamt of. Hell yeah! The freedom to do what you love to do made me enjoy the beach to the fullest. The whole night was spent staring at the sky and identifying stars and planets with an android app.The spray of water droplets from the waves hitting your face is the best feeling. The view and sound of the waves hitting the shore is something I could stare at and listen to for hours. As the sun started to rise, slowly more people started pouring in. Early morning fishing began side by side.
After a good meal, the journey began again! Day 2
The highlight of the day was the Paintball game. All of us were really excited which kept us on our toes! We were in teams cheering and supporting one another. Having the paintball marks on us was one thing to take back for sure..Oh…And a whole lot of friends.

By Swati Kannan

Was very much excited to see the mail Stating Women’s ride to Pondy In Scooty. Related to my Bucket list 2017 for a long ride with my Vespa.. This is the best opportunity. And I registered myself immediately. Every day I would open the mails to check for the Selection. And there it was.. “Congrats you are selected..”  And the background music started …
Broken heart – responsible mind set :

Just the day before leaving I rushed to buy the Riding gears as the organizers were strictu.The night before was sleepless cos of my excitement. Picking up my pillion- Mr. Naan sunder and  all excited about the ride ,I  rushed to the tidel signal around 5.45 A.M or so. New faces and all unknown People. Everyone started gathering and we started knowing about each other. And we left at around 6.30 or So. I was with full excitement to drive but  my Pillion – Mr. Naan Sunder was responsible as  Sweep vehicle. Unaware of the responsibility when I raised my gear, he shunned me saying that we are supposed to travel slowly to ensure no one is left behind… so I was driving at the speed of 40 – 45 Km with a broken heart…  Then a little later I felt responsible that we are team and no one is left behind. Enjoying the early sunrise touching the fields , shady roads the ride started to refresh me.
Tea Break – Mudaliyar Kuppam – Pondy.
While making a stopover at the tea shop, we get to know and smile about the new faces. Then we started to set our ride. All our fellow riders were nowhere to been seen except few team members riding before us. Not supposed to honk.. Not supposed to overtake.. Not supposed to drive on their right side … Not supposed to leave them I was keep on instructed by sundar to drive slowly.  Finally we took a break at Kalpakkam at 8.30 for our breakfast. A really good yummy breakfast and left the place. Then onto our next stop at Mudaliyarkuppam. Speed same as 45kmph.
Around 11.30 Reached Mudaliyarkuppam boat house.  Took a break and planned for the boatride to the island. A  new experience in the boat.. Watching birds and Fishes flying… calm and serene environment to enjoy the ride. Sudden boat shakes to fill the ride with laughter.. on reaching the island.. few slept at the shades… some went for bath in the beach , some stayed to enjoy the view and some went for a walk at the beach. Then the kabaddi ground was set and the fun began.. All got set into a team and the match was well played.. Quenching our thirst from the Tender water served we then left from the island.   Once again the drive started and the ride slowly became an enjoyable one.. Had a stop over for the lunch in an unknown shady places. By the time we went all the biriyani was already over but still tasted some fish fry..  
After a heavy lunch we started to Pondicherry…   After reaching pondicherry our first stop was near a “ sarayakadai” . ha ha but it was the places we were waiting for our local organizers . With some Hiccups and Mild scratches (our organizers knows it  best 😛 )   we managed to  reach the home. But it was more than home – A little paradise. After refreshing, tea breaks and fights for the rooms , preparation for cooking has begun. Fish curry, Fish fry for Non veg  people and veg kurma with chips for the veggies. Meanwhile the place was torn into pieces by playing anthakshari and Dumb charades. After the filling Dinner, left to the Beach around 11.00 P.M. (here I should mention the safety measures taken by our organizers were remarkable. ) Early visit to the beach to ensure safety and girls were taken in 4 wheelers . The moment we reached near the beach I fell in love with the moon, waves, wave sound, stars and so on..  The beach was filled with dance, music, fun, romance and Friendship. By the time we all were already close enough to be besties.
Beach night and Paintball game:

One memorable lifetime experience.  “Five star hotels is nothing compared to sleeping under the Five billion stars “. A whole nights listening to the waves and sea breeze.. Life is right there…   sudden birthday celebration of Arun in midnight , and a morning wake at 4.30 to watch the sunrise, fishermen’s fishing and live fishes in the bags were my 01st time experience. But the clouds disappointed me by hiding the sun behind them. Nevertheless the art made by the sun was a visual treat. 
Leaving the beach around 6.30 in the morning, took some time for refreshing and Breakfast. We bid farewell to Pondy   around 11.45 A.m. And the fun began again I mean driving at 45KMPH. For a while I enjoyed being the pillion , sun in my face, music and a small sleep.  On the way we had a stop over at Mahabalipuram , where some team members left and then we continued to GO KART- Paint ball. Filled in with fear we all enjoyed the game. I guess I was the only person to leave with 02 Glowing marks :D. Had one crazy Game..  A master game played by the Pro gamers.  ( Arun, Vishwa, Lokesh, Sunder, Mina and Aishwarya ). Leaving from there we went to snacks bar giving hell off a ride to senthil for hitting me .. HA HA HA ( Background devil laughs )  . The shop owner went crazy when we all ordered so much stuffs. That was our last stop and we all dispersed to Chennai.
When i started the trip, i hardly know anyone, but when i left I can remember all the faces with their special characters.  And that’s the speciality of CTC. Kudos to the organizers for making this weekend a memorable one. 

Thank you all for the special memories.  

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