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Featuring – Kote DK
What are you currently doing (job/study)? your interests?
I am so proud to be a Mechanical Engineer working as Senior Design Engineer in L&T Technology services in Chennai. I used to listen music & stay with friends in my leisure time. I will always be in farming when I was in native.
When & How  did you  get started  CTC?
Chennai – The place I dislike the most in Tamilnadu. Mostly I have been in Coimbatore for my studies & profession having bunch of friends & lot of places to spend my time. Once I shifted here I feel so depressed of being alone. My younger brother suggested me Chennai trekking club 
            Me(Village boy): Club ha ! We have to pay lot of money la
            Bro: No need. Go, you like a lot
Then I started my 1st event with Adyar bank cleanup (Kotturpuram) from Jan, 2016 (Likeminded dirty fellows – Ena oru anantham)
What are the activities of  CTC that  you are involved in?

Started in clean up activities, followed regular swimming in open water, Trekking to several Ghats, Trial Marathon, Cycling, Triathlon, Turtle walk, Bike riding, plantation & maintenance drive, Exploring new places and so on.
What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with  CTC?

I am waiting for my biggest celebration i.e. Full Iron-  Dec, 2017 (Triathlon Iron Man) but not stops here.
In school days used to run 10 km but cant able to complete. But now CTC activities makes me to run a half marathon in good timing. Takes me out from the comfort zone and bring out my hidden strength on daily activities. Rising in the finish line on every event takes me to next level. Thanks to everyone who supports & volunteer in everything. 
Anything else you might want to add?
CTC-Not only developing a person on sports, brings social awareness, spreading humanity and shows what’s the part of every individual in this society. Everyone need some guidance & opportunity to achieve something, i promise CTC gives you. 
 Additionally I will share my buddy’s write-up to all once again about my adventurous Navigational Boot camp : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwsOQREt4t4uaXh3blVUdmZSakU
Share any one of the CTC Best moments you had !
The moment when i am surrounded by like minded idiots makes me always best memories and special moments.
I have my first impression on Peter’s trek to Nagala (Moderate _ My 1st trek). Recently i got my Triathlon- Half iron medal in Dec, 2016 i have no words to express my feeling on excitement that too completed in better timing 7:50 hrs.
How do you manage your work life balance ?
Most events will happens on early morning, evening & on weekend days. Based on my office hours i used to manage the events. 
When you are into something like the most, your mind will automatically make space to occupy. 
Any specific dream that you are working on ?
When people around me asks this question i say, ya i want to be happy forever.
How has your life changed after joining this CTC ?
I feel more reliable and energetic on regular activities. Unknown faces turned as my family members. CTC gives me loads n loads of memories that i cant imagine and yet to.  
Share some of your cycling  that you did in the CTC?
Nagala Trail Cycling, Jul 2016 through beautiful paddy fields, forests, lakes around the Nagalapuram mountain range.
Cycling up and down through winding trial surrounded by lush greenery and enjoying the cool mountain climate. Pedaling through nice off road trails along scenic viewpoints, refreshing mountain streams and settling down into a beautiful campsite in the evening exchanging experiences with like minded souls around the campfire. Experience it, You will feel the real pleasure with nature.
We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC ?
I realize a huge difference in my professional life on team management & decision making, increasing problem solving skills. Helps me to raise my standard of work, promoting myself in my team taking additional role. Sometimes I used to think “CTC activities are my profession, office work may become a part time”
What are you other interest?
Agriculture is my basic profession. I would always love to stay in my village and do farming. Surely I will move to my native as soon as possible.

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