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Featuring Anbu
What are you currently doing (job/study)? your interests.?
  Working in dell as a development network engineer . Before joining ctc my interest was roaming around the world and now after joining ctc i want to give healthy and sustainable environment to my society and to our future generations
When & How  did you  get started  CTC.?
I came to know about ctc from facebook. I started ctc after the flood rehabilation work in surya nagar cleanup. I am unable to help peoples during floods since my sister hostel is closed and i want to send her to native. Once I am back i found call for volunteers for surya nagar cleanup and came to the first event of ctc
What are the activities of  CTC that  you are involved in?
Cleanup(theosophical,beach,surya nagar), tree plantation ,swimming,10×10 run, hill run, treks,cycling. Volunteer and participant in triathlon,ctm and javadhu hill run. 
What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with  CTC?
 After planting every tree i felt  like I gave something to my society and future generation
CTC is like a family to me  now and it  best place to find your interest and plays a important role in making chennai greener and keep chennai peoples more active
Share any one of the CTC Best moments you had !
 I stopped using one time plastic and usage of plastic bag. One day while I buy vegetables in a shop i said i dont need plastic bag that time one old women came and appreciated me and talked with me and enquired about our various initiatives in ctc
How do you manage your work life balance ?
   Due to the outdoor activities on everyday morning my mind and body feeling refreshed everyday and complete my work in office by time and motivate me to join more events
Any specific goals/dream that you are working on ?
 Am planning for full iron man in triathlon and started working towards it. My another goal is hill run and i started it in last week and went to meghamalai for 150k hill run.
How has your life changed after joining this CTC ?
I feel more active and feeling refreshed everyday morning and self satisfied after every event.
Share some of your cycling  that you did in the CTC?
My best cycling experience was from bandipur forest to ooty and to mettupalayam. When I close my eyes i still able to remember the drive through the fog .
We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC ?
It gives me more confidence and self satisfaction and made me a public speaker  and gave me more exposure about the hills and places around  the world 

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