CTC Motorcycle Team X-Mas Ride Dec 24, 25 2016

X-Mas Ride To Kalrayan Hills [2016]
24th December 2016,
“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the ride”


Why do some people love riding? Its coz they feel so passionate about it and there were bunch of passionate people for this amazing 2days ride to Kalrayan hills near Kallakurichi. We started our trip around 6am in the morning actually 2teams, one from Bengaluru going to Kerala and the Chennai team to Kalrayan hills.
Around 18 bikes plus 3cars with 28 people kicked off for this trip, Balaji being the lead and Praveen Kumar sweeped all of them.
We stopped at 100km away from Chennai near Mamandur for a short break, where we cuddled around cute white rabbits.

We reached Tindivanam tollgate and stopped near “road-kadai” for breakfast, as usual fights started over dosas, omelette and then Arun Prabhakar joined the fight 😛 actually the trip.
The drive was smooth and seamless in highway, which lasted some hours and ready to stop for lunch where Viswanathan joined us and had our lunch in a small hotel at kallakurichi. One group went to buy ingredients for dinner.
We reached Komuki dam for a power nap before starting. Dam was almost bone-dry and already few youngster playing there and this dam serves as the prime source for 7 villages under its vicinity. We also refreshed ourselves near a water pumping system for fields(colloquially called “pump-set”).



After a good rest we headed towards the camp site. Nice, beautiful winding stretches aside splendid section of sceneries alongst periyar falls took us to kalrayan hills, it gloams and breezing off chill air surely unbearable without warm clothes, we also changed clothes in a shelter provided by a local there.
Camping is all set in a nice public space which had an open stage for audience. We collected firewood and started barbecuing veg & non-veg foods separately.
                  25th December 2016
                     “Merry Christmas”


We woke up to a cold misty morning ! we had our breakfast from a local shop and girls were greeted with nice Xmas cake :). Now, It’s time to wind up leaving no garbage behind “Go Green” was the formula !



We headed towards a falls after biking in rough off road and 250m trekking down hill, we reached a cliff point of the falls and enjoyed the thrill along with few photos.



Our group started back to Chennai from there after having our lunch in Kallakurichi at 5pm. Few people missed the routes and rejoined at Ravathanallur, we stopped for dinner in a highway motel & from there we hit the road nonstop to reach Chengalpattu toll safely around 1am to disperse to their respective homes.


    ~:For exciting video pls click the link below:~


    Thank you organisers, CTC-Emperors for a memorable ride once again !!

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