CTC Fitness Test Results- Feb 28, 2017

Dear all,
Around 50 members (dedicated souls) self-assessed their fitness level today morning by joining our fitness checkup climbing up a 142m high hill along a rocky slope with a 10kg (7kg ladies) backpack:

Another wonderful morning spent in breezy climate, beautiful city views and like minded souls!

Are you a member of CTC but not yet participated in any trek? Highly time for you to join the next fitness test and know where you stand in terms of readiness to get into the outdoors. Stay tuned for the next one coming soon. Even if you don’t make it within the given time limit you can start working out and get ready soon!
Timings to reach the peak generally vary between 5 minutes to 15+ minutes depending on the fitness level of participants:

  • 10 min and below – fit to participate in CTC moderate treks
  • 11-15 min – need to become more active to improve fitness (read: health)
  • 16+ min – out of shape! Urgent action required to get out of unhealthy shape
Members taking 11+ minutes to scale the peak should engage in regular physical activity (e.g. trice a week, 30-60min each) – any sport will do: 
  • Trekking – join for any of our ongoing easy weekday morning treks
  • Swimming – join our twice a week open water swimming camp
  • Cycling – cycle near your neighborhood or join our frequent cycle rides. Cycles can be rented in many stores in the city
  • Running – go for a solo run near your house or join one of the many running groups across the city
  • Others – any regular sport activity will get you quickly in shape: play badminton, volleyball, soccer, etc.
We have all become stagnant in our modern day lifestyles (sitting at office, commute, home) disconnected from the active lifestyle of our forefathers. Unless you engage in a regular physical activity to offset our stagnant lifestyle your health will quickly dwindle down. A regular sports routine will make you feel more active & alive, sleep better, eat healthier, you ll make better use of early mornings, … simply said – it ll change your life!
So what are you still waiting for to step out?

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