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Ainthinai the Green wing of CTC was started in 2012 with a centralized aim of creating a sustainable environment for the future. Nature conservation events like tree plantations and maintenance, clean ups at water bodiesOrganic and terrace farmingworkshops on waste management and plastic free lifestyle form an integral part of Ainthinai.
After the tropical Storm Vardah, Chennai lost most of Golden green cover. We began our mission towards recovering the lost by analysing lot of options and are working on a high level plan. Natural Calamities cannot be controlled, but to respawn and fix the loss is in our hands.
Ainthinai has the habit of taking care of the budding trees. Maintenance activities will be organised for approximately one year where volunteers will be involved in removing weeds, mulching, manuring, digging water holes etc around the saplings. As a result of these maintenance activities the Saplings planted during the previous years have shown a survival rate of 70 to 80 percent.
The automated and Engineered life is engulfing even the remote areas of the world which might result in an Environment that may Not support healthy living for the generations to come. CTC and Ainthinai are working tirelessly in breaking these walls from the daily lifestyle of the common man and exposing them to an arena of Happy and Healthy living.
The Mornings of Jan 25th to 29th was fully packed with Ainthinai events mainly involving maintenance of the saplings we planted in different drives around Chennai. With Support from approximately 150 Volunteers these five days of Green Drive events we handled more than 500 Saplings that will form an integral part in Chennai’s Eco System. Thanks to each and everyone of you for sparing your  early mornings towards a Green Mission restoring Chennai.

​ From Soil to Cradle..
More than 30 Saplings growing on the street sides with potential risks from Cattle, have been Transplanted to bags and will be nurtured personally with care to be planted at safe locations in our Future drives.
Our R-Day morning was spent at a Graveyard in Sholinganallur. We planted a few saplings and did maintenance tasks for 100 plus saplings. The tasks involved mulching, creating water pits, set up drip irrigation and pruning. Ready for another morning at a Graveyard.. ? Watch out for more events.

Thanks to TRIL Info Park, Taramani Chennai for providing us with more than 100 bags of dry leaves and twigs. These were  used as mulch for approx 100 saplings planted along Velachery Pallikaranai road.
Green Ponds is a eco recovery project Restoring water bodies of the city and Ainthinai partnered with the team to  do a plantation around the ponds.
From Ajay Velappan..
“These guys never get tired of doing green activities.Feeling amazed to see few guys who tirelessly engage themselves for #Ainthinai #greenponds
4 trees which were uprooted in #Vardha were salvaged.
The happiness you get when you are involved in making the fallen tree to stand erect with proper measures is, Man can’t be expressed

Pooncheri, hidden between OMR and ECR, this little village was garlanded  with more than 100 saplings in 2016 with the support of Highways department.  Similar maintenance activities was carried out here for a healthy growth.

“Any initiative towards conservation requires external support apart from selfless volunteers, be it logistics, saplings, tools etc. In this regard we would like to thank LYNK Logistics Services for sponsoring two of our events with transport. Green Ponds Tree Plantation Drive at Avadi and Saplings Maintenance Drive at Pooncheri, OMR. “

” We are moved by your deep concern for Chennai and recovering its lost Green cover.  Without your Support we wouldn’t have managed to finish these events on time.”
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