CTC-Ainthinai Home Composting Success Story Series – Bharathi Priya – Keep Calm & Compost On :)

The feeling of pride and content never fades when even the smallest effort that you put results in something to be proud and satisfied of. 
Its that feeling, only multiplied a gazillion times is what you get when u smell the earthy compost every time you harvest a new batch  🙂 

It has been close to a year now since me and my hubby started Segregation and Home Composting at our home.
The mission was simple. “No recyclable waste from our home should be sent to the dumpyard”. Thanks to CTC- Ainthinai, we came to know about home composting option at home using Khambha pots and we immediately jumped into the bandwagon. 
We started off by segregating the waste in our home into recyclable (wet/dry) and non-recyclable waste (majorly house dust, thin plastics and e-waste like batteries). 
The dry waste including thick milk covers, plastic bottles/containers are separated accordingly while we started composting the wet waste using 3T khambha. 
The first time when we harvested a “little mountain of black gold”, we were overjoyed to see the resulting compost. Ofcourse we boasted and posted about it onFB :p, which resulted in pulling few of my colleagues into the home composting clan 😉
Over the past 4-5 months we were able to harvest almost a full sack of nutrient rich compost. We used all that as manure to nurture the saplings that were planted in CTC- Ainthinai plantation event @ Poonamallee on 5 Feb 2017. 
Apart from that, we have been carrying bags for buying daily veggies and monthly groceries, now we even started taking vessels/containers for getting frequently bought things like dosa batter, coffee powder and some groceries as well (the weird look from the vendors on the initial days turned into a lovely smile in later days). This almost eliminated thin and most thick covers usage in our home.
The only unavoidable thing was aavin milk covers. We were able to find a reasonable way to make use of it too 🙂 We washed the milk covers on a daily basis, dried it up and kept it accumulated separately. Over the past year we were able to collect about 500+ milk covers. Thanks again to CTC-Ainthinai team ;), all of this was given to support the new initiative of Team Ainthinai ‘Grow Your Own Saplings’, where in volunteers are engaged to grow tree saplings at their own home.
“Let us take our daily organic waste and put it back to earth, rightfully where it belongs”


Bharathi & Vinodh.


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