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Srimathi Kumaraswamy
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Success Stories
Home Composting
All type eatable waste can be put in a compost bin, even non veg Waste and waste foods
Vegetable peels, curd waste milk waste, food waste, can keep seperate tray near the sink to collect all veg waste of a day…
It will be useful and less time consumption… at the end of the all veg waste can be put up ..
Egg shells have to be crushed with hand
NON veg waste takes extra time to decompose
Setting up compost bin
I am using Kamba, Which is three layered Clay (terracotta) Pot with a clay lid and for or a family of 3
The bottom layer is called as C pot and that is a closed pot on bottom..
Have to fill with 2 handful of cocopeat(We can order cocopeat even online now a days) 10 kg 60 Rs a Big sack can be used for 2 months..
Leave the C Pot as it is with 2 handfull of cocopeat..
Middle pot is called B pot, that have net type wholes on the bottom and cover the net of B pot with Newspaper
Top Pot is called as A Pot which we have to start filling
Cover the net area with news paper
Add 2 handful of coco peat
Add vegetable waste spread it then add coco peat 2 handful then spray water Then cover top layer with news paper and close lid.
Daily takeout news paper fill regularly..
Now once A pot is full take it and replace in B place..
Now fill B pot in same method..
Don’t forget to spray water daily.
After A pot and B pot are full.. now take the content of A and put it in C and spray water.. now A is empty..
Again if A is full.. Empty B pot into C and at the time C will decompose and become half so we add..
After everything is full Take C pot and put n a Waste bucket. Or leave out pot and cover with news Paper…
Make sure compost is not too wet 
Make sure to stir the compost frequently
After 2 months time the first compost with earth smell is ready
 Can be used as natural fertilizer for house plants or can donate to tree plantation drive team Ainthinai.. or can sell Rs 20 per kg
Now coming to segregating plastic waste
Milk packets– Milk packets can be washed for 2 seconds in tap water for 2 times and can be fix the packet in tiles near sink to dry water After a day can be stored in a separate big bag
If we hang-up big cotton bag it will be easy and save time…
Same for rice flour covers
Paneer covers
Mushroom covers
Curd covers boxes
zip lock covers
Bubble wraps from online orders
Plastic covers anything
 Plastic boxes from home delivery foods also washed and stored here
Any plastic u see in home as waste can be put to the bag once the bag is full.
We can give to local paper plastic collector Anna
I give him free of cost for self satisfaction...
Cardboard boxes stored and newspaper/paper waste also stored in a bag.
Batteries e-waste 


 will collect all these from home many other websites also doing.
Now sweeping waste from home this should not be put in compost. Have to put a news paper in dustbin and put hair and sweep waste.
Throw in garbage weekly once.
Straws for juices
Plastic covers from shops
Stop buying plastic water bottles – can use stainless steel or copper
Can use kitchen storage things to stainless steel
Avoid Plastics and chemicals to save environment
Stop buying Period napkins – can use menstrual cup or cloth pads
Plastic waste we are sending to garbage takes 1 lakh years to decompose.
Don’t blame the society
Don’t blame government
Start change from our home 
Give greener and pollution free environment for our kids and generations!!!
“Let us take our daily organic waste and put it back to earth, rightfully where it belongs”


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