Chennai Swimathon, March 4th – Prep Mailer

The event venue is at the Ottiyambakkam open water quarry 1 hour South of Chennai.
Participants can reach the event through the OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) IT highway
Refer this map
Report to the venue on Saturday March 4th as per below timing:
Category Distance Reporting Start
Basic 5K 5:00 AM 5:30 AM
Intermediate 10K 5:00 AM 5:30 AM
Advanced 15K 5:00 AM 5:30 AM
Novice 3K 2:30 PM 3:00 PM
Park your vehicles at the open space on the left side of the quarry
Sign a copy of the event disclaimer and return to the info desk
You will be assigned a unique BIB number (no physical BIB will be given). 
Pick up your event t-shirt if you have ordered one while registering
Any clothing/baggage can be kept in your vehicle or handed to our luggage desk
A tent is provided for ladies to change / Toilets are available at nearby homes
Participants will be swimming up and down a 150m open water body (clock-wise) as per their category:
Category Swim Laps
Novice 3K 20
Basic 5K 33
Intermediate 10K 66
Advanced 15K 100
Always swim on the left side of the demarcations (floating tubes) to avoid opposite traffic
Timings/Loops will be tracked manually by our volunteers
Mention your BIB# out loud while taking U-turn at the front of the quarry
Aid station (water, ORS, lemon, salt, peanuts, banana, orange, sandwiches) are available any time
Assistance Trained volunteers/rescue swimmers will be present at the venue to help out swimmers. In case of any emergency please immediately notify the volunteers
Our Sports Physio team will provide pre swim warm-up, post-swim stretches and assist with any sports related injuries at the venue.
Cut Off Timings
Participants will strictly adhere to below cut-off timings. Anyone finishing beyond these timings will NOT receive a medal.
Category Distance Cut off Men Pace Men Cut off Women Pace Women
Basic 5K 3 hours 1.6K / hour 3:45 hours 1.3K / hour
Intermediate 10K 6.5 hours 1.5K / hour 7.5 hours 1.3K / hour
Advanced 15K 10.5 hours 1.4K / hour 11.5 hours 1.3K / hour
Novice 3K 2.5 hours 1.2K / hour 3 hours 1K / hour
There are no rankings / podiums in this event. 
Swimmers who complete the event within the given cut-off time will receive a finishers medal
Photography A dedicated team of CTC photographers will be covering the event. 
Photos will be shared for free within same/next day post-event on our facebook page
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