CTC Turns 9 – How Fitness test have shaped people's lifestyle

Over the past 6 months, the bi-weekly fitness tests in Chennai trekking Club have played a major role in shaping normal humans into fit individuals, sports enthusiasts into ultra-athletes, budding runners into trail runners. CTC Turns 9 this february, and it is very important to carry on this momentum to continue the fitness revolution that has hit Chennai few years ago. We see triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers everyday and everywhere which was not the case few years ago. All this is because of the people’s never ending enthusiasm for becoming fit and to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle, regular activity and sport is very important. So do join our CTC’s biweekly fitness test to check your level and keep training to improve. There are people who have regularly attended the tests,  trained and became into marathoners, so the result is not important whereas the attitude and consistency is. What are you waiting for?
Over the past 6 months, the fitness test data of number of registrations per week, attendance per week and fit individual count is given below. This is just the beginning.

Fitness test records:  Monit(Age 3): Barefoot climber and Divyesh(Age 5): Runner just ruled the 142 m Panchapandava hills today along with their father, climbed in 6 and 7 min respectively. What are you guys waiting for, these kids are just full of energy and proper climbing techniques

Fitness test stories:
Meet Brahadeesh Chandran who just joined the CTC Ultra running gang! He joined the fitness test 3 months ago and was into treks and now have transformed himself into an ultra-runner. He was new to running just 2 months ago but consistently practiced and completed 3 of our 10×10 series in the city. This weekend he successfully completed the Shevaroy 92K ultra trail hill run! Here is an interview about him :
Meet Paandiyank new rising star in the CTC Ultra sky. New to running 2 months ago, he consistently participated in our ongoing 10×10 series and recently completed our Shevaroy 90K Ultra! He also attended the fitness test as a fresher and is now into endurance sports.Here is an interview  :
Nagarajan AS, a newbie few months ago starting from fitness test. He has evovled into a trekker and regular runner.He consistently participated in our ongoing 10×10 series

Timings to reach the peak generally vary between 5 minutes to 15+ minutes depending on the fitness level of participants:
  • 10 min and below – fit to participate in CTC moderate treks
  • 11-15 min – need to become more active to improve fitness (read: health)
  • 16+ min – out of shape! Urgent action required to get out of unhealthy shape
Members taking 11+ minutes to scale the peak should engage in regular physical activity (e.g. trice a week, 30-60min each) – any sport will do: 
  • Trekking – join for any of our ongoing easy weekday morning treks
  • Swimming – join our twice a week open water swimming camp
  • Cycling – cycle near your neighborhood or join our frequent cycle rides. Cycles can be rented in many stores in the city
  • Running – go for a solo run near your house or join one of the many running groups across the city
  • Others – any regular sport activity will get you quickly in shape: play badminton, volleyball, soccer, etc.
We have all become stagnant in our modern day lifestyles (sitting at office, commute, home) disconnected from the active lifestyle of our forefathers. Unless you engage in a regular physical activity to offset our stagnant lifestyle your health will quickly dwindle down. A regular sports routine will make you feel more active & alive, sleep better, eat healthier, you ll make better use of early mornings, … simply said – it ll change your life!
So what are you still waiting for to step out?
So what are you waiting for, December is here and looking forward to see future athletes, runners, swimmers, climbers ….

The fitness test for January is on Tuesday Jan 17. Get ready folks.


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