CTC-Ainthinai Tree Plantation Drive @ Chengalpet

Location : Tiruvadisulam Social forestry area near Chengalpet
Date : Dec 4 2016
Write up by : Ajay Velappan
It was a fantabulous morning on 4th December 2016 @ Thiruvadisoolam.
All thanks to CTC-Ainthinai-Plantation drive conducted by Ainthinai Team along with Forest Department of Tamil nadu.
I was very much excited to participate in the event immediately after the event notification trigger, but due to incessant rain around the city i had a doubt whether I could participate in the event as planned, but fortunately it wasn’t raining in the morning so i started . Kudos to organizers.
So this how my 8th plantation journey with Ainthinai started. I started in my bike around 5.30 am, and started the journey with fellow CTC-ian. It was one heck of a ride to the plantation drive location Thiruvadisoolam surrounded by morning mist which is around 50+ km from my home., especially the road between SP Kovil and Thiruvadisoolam was too good to ride (especially for the cyclers, I would request the riders to try this road once during morning hours, you will have splendid experience).
The preparatory mail from Parthiban has triggered more interest about the the plantation drive location, which includes little details about the temples around it, and hills surrounding the location.
At last reached the plantation place around 7.15 am after enjoying the blissful morning ride. I mean it, just give it a try in the above mentioned location.
Myself, and all my fellow CTC’ians were engaged in sapling plantation. Already the Pits were made by Forest Department people, and it was relatively easy to pull in the mud with the trenching hoe, it was demanding less effort as the soil were little loose as it was raining on the penultimate day, we seldom used Crow bar in the event. Along with the Plantation I was fortunate to meet few new faces from CTC and also from Forest department, and the notable person was Uma Devi Mam.
We planted 250+ native saplings like Pungai, Naaval, Badam, Poovarasu, etc, in the nearby localities of  Thiruvadisoolam.
I felt very proud on saying few words about her personal experience and involvement which I got to know interacting with her in the spare time. She has been deputed as the Range officer by TN forest Department for the Chengalpet circle forest area. She is one among the first Women Range officers in Tamilnadu and also a state level athlete and she is going to participate in National level event which is few months away, felt really proud and happy interacting with her. Our discussion was streamlined about the topics in and around about forestry, ranging from trees to poachers. I was awestruck about her in depth knowledge about the complete forest and its habitats. It was really interesting to know about the habitats of certain wild animals( especially tigers, elephants, lions) and also about the ecosystem, our discussion en-rooted about the extinction of certain species (cheetah from India) and also about save tiger movement. She also encouraged us to go for a trek to engage with nature (especially to Kalakkad Mundanthurai tiger reserve) to quench our thirst about nature.
Mam also shared about the importance of forest, She had a personal experience in getting trapped with her kids surrounded by elephants during her college days inside the college campus, I was little shaky to hear that incident, it was a narrow escape she said, which uttered and made me realize the AYM moment (Namma vazhkaila enna vena nadaklam, but naama athukku la ready ah irukoma nu than kelvi?- whatever may happen (unpredictable) in our life, but the question is whether we are ready for it? ), yes it is true, Life is unpredictable.
I just adored her guts, confidence, the way she carried herself was simply superb. Congrats and best wishes Mam.
I missed her final speech in front of all volunteers, as I went to nearby temple, few excerpts as I heard from my fellow Friends
  • Good motivation about involving the youngsters to get into Government jobs (especially into forest department)
  • Shared her personal experience about her academics, which was inspirational.

Final thing about the cultural and religious places around the plantation drive location, it is one place which is surrounded by places that are rich in cultural and religious heritage, yes I am talking about the 2400 years old Lord Siva temple in Thiruvadisoolam and also the Anjenayar temple located at the hill top, which is also claimed to be old.
Last but not least, they are none other than never tiring SELFLESS Organizers. Oh man they are super awesome in delegating the activities and in the movement of saplings from one place to another they also get their hands dirt, distributing tea and biscuits, serving  tasty breakfast to other volunteers before they have it a go, truly selfless. Quite a lot to learn from you guys. Thanks for inspiring volunteers like us. 

From a rookie volunteer I hope I have turned out to be somewhat experienced volunteer in sapling, learnt some techniques about creating bunds, placing the mulching, manures, watering and also details about the pit creation according to the sapling size (learnt from the forest officials), in this process they also got their hands dirt and involved along with us. Superb it was.

More than that I felt self satisfied by engaging myself with Ainthinai and team. I would like to engage myself with CTC Ainthinai on a longer run.. Kudos!!
I would like to just stepping out to save our mother nature and to create a  green environment  
Just spread a word about making the green environment to near and dear ones. Do participate in such activities with family (especially with Kids). Instead of teaching them, make them learn about these things.
Will meet up in next event, till then Babaye!!!:) 
(About Ajay : A full time IT professional whose hobbies include cricket and surfing. His first event with CTC Ainthinai was 2015 and has been a regular volunteer since then. He says participating in such events over the weekend gives him the satisfaction of giving back something to  nature)
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