CTC Ainthinai – Post Vardah Damage Survey – Call for Volunteers !!!

Call for volunteers to Survey areas around Chennai and help identify the over all loss of Chennai’ s green cover. 
Fill the details of your survey @ tiny.cc/VardahSurvey !!

Decades of growth have been ripped to grounds after the Tropical Storm Vardah hit Chennai coast.
As part of CTC Ainthinai we planted enormous number of saplings throughvarious plantation drives and regularly having maintenance drives at each location. Each of them were in different stages of their growth cycle when the storm struck the city.
A large number of fully grown trees have been uprooted completely and have no hopes of revival. 

With the city developing in rapid rate these trees were the major support maintaining the carbon level in the atmosphere. The loss of this green cover will impact the city’s climatic conditions and also increase the surface temperature very much.

As per the report from Forest Survey of India, Tamilnadu saw an increase in forest cover by 2501 sq.km in 2015 which is the highest in India, thanks to various plantation drives , better forest conservation programs and agro forestry practices.

Comparing with our neighbor Karnataka, Tamilnadu saw a significant improvement in the green cover over the last 3 years.

  % Forest Cover
State 2013 2015
Tamilnadu 18.33 20.26
Karnataka 18.84 18.99

When compared with Bangalore, the green cover in Chennai is significantly less due rapid urbanization and encroachments of water bodies and forest lands. The age old Green cover of Chennai around Guindy has been slowly diminishing owing to developments and constructions.

Also a large number of trees have been fell to widen roads and manage the increasing traffic. There are approximately 15 plus forestry divisions covering Chennai and Kancheepuram district whose officials strive hard to maintain and improve the city’s green cover.
With many green warriors actively involved in creating a sustainable environment for the future, natural calamities like these occur and disrupt the mission. What is left is for the warriors to rise again with a strong force and with a different plan to manage the situation and reduce the after effects.
We invite volunteers to survey the areas around Chennai and help identify the over all loss of Chennai’ s green cover from this natural disaster. As part of the survey we will be needing the following information.
Area –
Street Name –

Type of community (School/College/Gated community)

No. of fully grown trees uprooted completely –
No. of saplings damaged completely – 
Tree type – Native/Exotic (if known)
Name of the trees – (if known)
Pictures – (if possible, upload them in a public album and share the link)
With this information CTC-Ainthinai will be able to create a high level report on the total green cover loss, over all impact and future plans to restore the city’s green cover.

Fill the details of your survey here !!!

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