Chennai Iron Triathlon, Dec 17th – Testimonials

Sharing a few Triathlete Testimonials hoping to inspire more into swimming, cycling and running.
Get ready for the next edition of our Triathlon in July 2017. Our 10×10 weekday running resumed from this morning. Venue/timing details posted in our FB group. We are also resuming our twice-a-week open water swimming practice sessions every Tue and Thu morning 6-7:30am @ Ottiyambakkam from tomorrow. 
What are you waiting for to Tri?
Some dreams are to be lived…. The best year end gift earned.. 1.5 km swim+40km cycling+10hm run…💪✌ this would have been impossible without the support of #VVians and few other frnds of mine… Thanks to Peter Van Geit fr organising such events and stay an inspiration to all of us… No words to describe the efforts , enthu and love showered by our #CTC volunteers without whom this event would have been incomplete… 😊 This yr is all abt hard work.. trust… motivation… Pain… Achievements … Earned gifts…. Many more dreams…
Miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep…
Dec 17th Full Iron Triathlon completed in 16hrs 50min! (My sweet age s 31 still my energy level is 18)
Swim 3.9k: 1hr 30min ( target 1 hr 10min) even in practice I have done 1 hr 20min , it’s not my best time 😛🤔 ( morning sickness)
Anbu timely helped me with chankar pongal amazing care da Thampi n Jackson heard ur voice in pool come on akka
Cycle 180k: 8hrs ( target set by rakesh 7 hrs n myself 7hrs 30min)
Special thanks to guna, always he s with me Gunaa Gunasekaran n Pro-Bikers, thank u da Hari for all ur support n tips( Hari Krishnan has showed Ashwin cycling data graph n gave me advice ) n thank u so much Ashwin Govindasamy trisenior u gave me valuable suggestion to improve in cycle..
TCC 200k cycle ride helped me a lot before a month of this event .
I really enjoyed 180k cycle ride without non stop !! Avinash Anbu forced me to eat something but I didn’t stop n Lovely support da
Awesome encouragement from Anil Sharma ji
Run42k: 7hrs 15min( target 7hrs- my first 42k run)
I improved my stamina to run 42k but zero speed because of body weight. Vanathi O Positive paced with me 2k wat a sweet word come on darling, Niranjan Raja paced with me last 10k n great motivator love u n waiting to see u!!
Thanks to Sanjeev Ramki broth fast up energy gel!!
Lovely hug from Srimathi Kumaraswamy Jotheeshwari Jothi, ahamed ,Varatha ,Young Iron girl Nandini Sharma ( ultra runner)
Varatha Raja wonderful support da no words to say love u boy😍😍
Eswari Andiappan akka you are an inspiration to all women !! Hats off to you always!!
Peter Van Geit the great legend, motivator n mentor 😍😍!!!
Thanks to pillar supports Prem Anand and Sadick Souber
Thanks to my family Amma,appa,bujju n Rakesh J the real iron women is always Amma on the way to post about her 😘😘😘😘
Registered myself fr the Olympic category..
Being an absolute hydrophobic.. still tuk the guts to overcome it n continue. But things were absolutely different.. on the strt of the swim leg.. strtd to swim. wud barely hve been to the frst tube n there I was all frozen with fear.. wud recall it as the most shameful day of my life n I QUIT..
It was thn wen I decided that it’s not gonna be easy obviously IRONMAN ISNT A CAKE WALK .. but yes I am gonna get tough…To face it..
Registered for the MOST PRESTIGIOUS EVENT ..
With all enthusiasm n nervousness thou..But yes u wont knw wat ur capable of untill u won’t try(I)…
I wudnt take the pride to call myself an IRON(WO)MEN.. BECAUSE all those REAL IRONMAN out there.. with amazing timings are absolutely of different league. ( Wud love to reach that level with constant hard-working).. I wud find content n happiness in my achievement .. Nd the only thing is yes .. I MAY NOT BE THERE YET BUT YES AM A STEP CLOSER THAN YESTERDAY.
There was nt much training I cud do before the event.
Swimming being the weakest point I was only focussing on sustaining untill I complete 4km …
I was nt in the race league ..wanted to complete the event steady..
Was confident of cycling leg(180km) as tats wat I hve been always good at.. but certain times u jus pray tat luck was a little bit more on ur side… Due to all the tiredness of swimming I cudn push at all during cycling.. cursing myself .. äbusing myslf and wat nt 😂 thanks to all those head winds cross winds and all possible kind of winds … My worst performance ever in cycling. Took whole 8.30 hrs… I was all drained by the time I finished cycling n running seemed anything lke those nightmare which anyone wud dread to imagine. All thanks n nandri to Shri Krishnan Anna .. the motivation n boost he gave me.. saved me.. finishing my running leg (42km) in 5.50hrs was a biig surprise to myself 😁.. Nd later to realize tat it was among the top timings.. probably the lag in cycling saved some energy in me to push in running.. .. and a word to my PACER ANNA Deepan Francis Edwin … THANK-YOU IS A VERY SMALL WORD FOR EVERYTHING. thanks fr bearing me in the last 10k Anna… Nd nt even scolding me once.. ☺
Completing the whole event in 18.30 hrs.. I knw its nt a great timing.. must improve my swimming ( no escape). Still am happy tat I completed it .. Nd nt being the last person😂..
I don knw how or when I wud b completely thank u fr everything u did fr Mee. . Ur my everything Dada.. Nd even a thought of trying to do something fr u to thank wud b my foolishness.. staying with me frm the moment I entered the water till stepping up the finish line.. nly u can do this… Anil Sharma . Dada no words wud b enuf to express wat I hve to convey.. jus tat whatever am tday is because of u 😊😊
A biigggg thanks to my extended family #vvians all ur support n motivation only made it possible. Cheering me up frm the strt till the finish..
Sharmila Manda aunty congratulations 😘 Nd thankyou fr being there during my pre event nervousness ..
Ahamed Hanifa baby yes we did it together 😍 congratulations on achieving ur biggest dream.
Varatha Raja anna ur such an amazing bro 😍 I always search fr u in water 😇😇
A biig thanks to all the #ctc volunteers the event wud jus hve been a dream without u guys..
Prabhakaran Mohan bhaiya it was such a nice time meeting u😇😇 .
Peter Van Geit I owe you big thanks fr making me realize wat am capable of.
A bigg thanks to everyone who stood supporting Mee..
And the only thing which comes to my mind wenever I think wat nxt.. LOOK INTO THE MIRROR .. THAT’S YOUR COMPETITION..
HOLDING UPON TO THE BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES FOREVER.. thanks to all the photographers..
Kindly read it if you have time! a bit long post!!
Dreamt of doing triathlons since the start of 2016 and becoming an IRONMAN some fine day! Being a non-swimmer, felt the urge to learn swim which showed the necessity during Chennai floods in 2015-dec. Started learning swimming in April, by July participated in Sprint category of triathlon which consisted of 750 meters of swim, 20k ride in bicycle and a 5k run! Yes the numbers aren’t big enough but they are perfect enough to pull people into the sport of triathlons. Since then training hard when ever possible, runs late night after office, hill runs and ultra marathon with Peter Van Geit, cycling to office ans long cycling rides on weekends, swim practice whenever possible and now completed a HALF IRONMAN!! Which is of 1.9k swim, 90k cycling and 21k running!! 

Completed the course of event in 9:13 hours! (unofficial timing)
Perfect end to 2016! Completed all the events strongly that I had in mind! Aint it Khushal Gore?
Yes its a pure mental game! At the start of swim itself, dashed someone started panicking to my worse and felt drowning, Varatha Raja u rightly saved me- thats the moment I thought I should giveup! But Whats the point in giving up! Started swimming again slowly and completed in approx 1:40 hours! I had a strong feeling I can manage the bike and run leg, and similarly completed cycling 90k in 3:52 hours and run of 21k in 2:52 hours!

Saryu Jindal like I said yesterday you’ve always dragged me malnad ultra last time and making me run the last few kms yesterday! You’re awesome! Now what can I say about Vipul Kumar and Ahamed Hanifa!! Vipul Kumarl you’ve always shown you’re a step ahead than everyone of us! What an amazing time throughout the course and you’re a FULL IRONMAN now. Ahamed Hanifano words to describe you’re never giving up attitude, despite you’re health condition for the past 2 days! You stayed strong throughout the course! And I still remember so much people running along you for the last km. Not everyone ‘ll get such a support! Goosebumps on seeing it! 

Thomas Habel you’re in a infinite level of mental toughness! With a broken hand and undergoing a surgery 2 weeks back, you’ve completed a FULL IRONMAN! Respect man!
How can I not thank the endless effort of so much volunteers, without u ppl we are incomplete!
So with not even an year with CTC and now had upgraded from a half marathon to a full marathon and then ultra marathon. From a Sprint triathlete to a HALF IRONMAN today!
Let’s see what surprises has 2017 got!!
Peter Van Geit thanks for where i’m now! without you and CTC i wouldn’t have been here! wouldn’t have even dreamt of these!!
Always remember if you’re dreams don’t haunt you like they aren’t big enough! Chase them and no matter what happens never giveup and stay strong, then the rest is history!!

Full iron triathlon finisher… It all started last year when I went for my first sprint triathlon , that time I never knew We have something called full iron man also, but yes I saw one lady Eswari from chennai who was called as full triathlon finisher which inspired me ,then I did Olympics distance ,half iron and for entire year I just focused and concentrated on how can I finish my full iron triathlon once. With disciplined trainings along with Sampath Kumar S Entire year I worked on my weaker sections like cycling and got a basic road bike model to get used to it ,I stopped speed training for running and focused on endurance running , for swimming I used the skills I learnt from my childhood days…. And planned my running events for entire year as per my training schedule for triathlon to reach my weekly goals , I knew I was doing more but I also knew I dreamt of something big so more was required.It was all about my dream event of completing full iron distance triathlon and yes on 17th Dec 2016 I along with Sampath participated and finished this event strong like never before. The event was very well organised as always CTC events are one of the very well organised events because of amazing volunteers and Peter Van Geit. The only thing which was in my mind throughout was finishing and reaching the finish line within the cut off and with no other expectation I went and started the event, And yes the same happened I started with swimming took it really easy and saved little energy for cycling as it was the biggest challenge for me , pushed my self for cycling completely and then used my strongest point in the end that was running and finished my full iron very strong in 16 hours 24 minutes much before than the cut of timings being the first female finisher for the day and overall 6th. Thanks to all my co participants for keeping my motivation alive Vinolee Ramalingam , Nandini Sharma and her dad Anil ShaRma , shraddha. A big thanks to my support buddies Ritu Raj Santhosh Gowda , Ashok Daniel and @mithilesh. Congratulations Sampath for being the first full iron triathlon finisher for the day in his debut full iron with amazing timing of 14 hours 12 minutes. Just last thought I DREAMT, I TRAINED AND I COMPLETED. I am a full iron triathlon finisher.
Mission accomplished with the “Podium Winner”
Did my 2nd triathlon event (3/4 Ironman – 2.9k swim in open waters followed by 135km cycling and 31k run) on 17th Dec – CTC Triathlon in Chennai.
I decided to go for ¾, with the confident of last HalfIron completion.
Personal timings (waiting for the official timings)
Swim: 2.9KM in 01:24Mins
Cycling: 135KM in 05:07Mins
Run: 31KM in 04:33Mins
The history starts here….
Reached at the event venue last min, no warm-up(Bad to say) all because of the one guy Dorai Kannha(Ippadii-ya thoongguradhuu).
Final min BIB received BIB T659 and getting into water where i use to get a confident.
At 6:15AM the go single from Peter.
Finished No:4 swim leg, here my confident level increased and as usual during the swim followed some good swimmers like Ahamed Hanifa etc. Which is helped me to finish quicker.
Finished No:1 Cycling leg, here I grabbed very good lead. Special thanks to Rehmanbai Probikes & Guna for excellent bike service.
Finished no:1 running leg, 1st 15KM just like cat walk with my dear bro “Dorai – Thoounguu Moonjii” here I created the hope that I am going to the “Podium Winner”. People started encouraging me including in all Aid stations that forced me to start slow run and taken 8KM lead. Final 2KM in 13mins Sanjeev helped me to finish very strong.
 Without these people it couldn’t possible to finish in such a strong way Thanks for THE GREAT support overall 11Hrs Dorai-Madhu, Saravanan & noon other than my wife Ambi & daughter Hasini.
Thank you so much Peter Van Geit Words cannot describe how grateful I’m, the way you increased my confident level.
I’m dedicating this to my Amma, Last year 17-Dec-2015 I lost my Amma and this year I planned to do the best in me. Mom don’t worry still I’m stronger.
I’m sure I missed many friends & well-wisher here… Thank you so much for all your support & wishes!!!
Thanks to volunteers and photographers, you did a great job out there and gave me a whole life memorable stuff!!
A dream came True.
6months bfr it was just a dream to become Trithele with fear of water and zero knowledge of swimming registered for Triathlon Olympic Catagory.
Pre Race Kalatas :
Vardah Effects!!! No Power, No Water, No Communication for 4 days just bfr the Event!!
Stayed at Sankar home!! And planned to go to venue from there. When i am confused for how to transport my cycle, Sankar suggest me to ride his MTB!! I was confused, but I have full hope on his words and decided to do Tri in his MTB!!!
For the test ride went to venue on Friday directly from Guduvancherry to otm on MTB!!! Got the confidence for cycling and set my mind to ride the MTB 😉
Never missed the enjoyment for CTC events as Volunteer. Had a chance to meet so many out station participants at Bib distribution and did my small part of help to the organizers at venue.
Tri Day Swimming!!!
Till 7.15a.m I was so relaxed and roaming everywhere and posing for photos with frnds.
Once Prabakar started announcing for Olympic reporting first batch Bib no!! Some mixed emotions and nervousness, Can feel the fear of water, but all my VV and CTC frnds give the confidence for swim and finally jumped into the water 7.44a.m for the first loop I was going good till u turn point. Got forced hit by one yellow cap swimmer at stomach and lost myself into thw Water and struggle to reach the rope. Luckily Joehein Jackson came and helped me to hold the rope. After tht, Avinash told me to be slow and steady to finish the swim without injury. Don’t panic, U know all the person’s name here, U can finish it without injury. His words boost up my energy started moving and reach the finish line at 9.18a.m Finally finished it in 1.35(approx)
Just relaxed myself for 2nd leg cycling.I remembered, my mobile was with Sankar and he was at swimming U turn point!! So decided not to wait for him, and Get the emergency contact num from Sriram, Tension (Sudip) anna called me and gave me some money ask me to call him if any emergency while riding. Finally stared pedalling!! Till the Navallur main road I rode very careful and conscious bcz its very narrow and the Traffic was peak at 9.30am. Once I reached the main road, i was happily started increase my speed after crossing kelapmpakkam cross wind wann to test my speed in MTB, But I keep moving at my own speed and was maintain the same speed till U turn. After the U turn head wind came and speed started reducing cycle refuse to move. Somehow managed and pedalled it till seruseri after reaching seruseri traffic was less and able to speed up the gear again. Hemanth ji joined with me for last 8km we both had chatty Ride till finish line Manage to finish it in 2. 10mins (approx)
The final one was Running It was going to be peak hot at my 2nd loop. So I dont wann push my first loop much. That time Deepan anna came and ask me do u need any help for run. Suddenly Hemanth ji was there and Deepan na said you both run together if u need I ll come in second loop and started running just 20mtrs crossed heard Sankar voice “Vanathi SHOES VENDAMA”. I just noticed I am in my casuals then ran back to him and wear the shoes and started run again. All the Aid stations are full of my frnds and started shouting my name and encourage me to reach the finish line.
At Finish line with full happiness I received my Medal from Murali ji With the Bonus of MOD(Mandaila Oru Dongu)
Here My Maiden Triathlon was over with lot of learning and sacrificing to earn the Medal!!!
Post Run Kalatas were till next day early mrng at ground, Pacing for few frnds and Volunteering for aid station and had a superb duper weekend with CTC and VV Family. Successfully completed the
2016 Events with satisfaction of Trithele!!
The Single world “THANKS” is not enough to show my gratitude to you CTC.
My own Lovable CTC Organizers and Volunteers Team take a BOW!! Full respect and we are always vera level of inspiration in volunteering😘😘😘
Thanks a ton to photography team who captured the emotions and grt moments of the participants and volunteers without any expectations 🙂
Love U guys 😍😍😘
Spl cheers and thanks to few people those who were reason why and what i am here today.
Sankaranarayanan – Ur advice and guidance can’t be described in a post!! Even thts is not enough to show my gratitude on yur unconditional love, care and support to earn this title. Thanks is not enough for you Sankara and Big hugs for u.😆
Anil – U r always an inspiration for us to move next level and helping me to improve my confidence level to reach the goal. Hatsoff to U and Nandhu for the inspiration
Murali na- Thank u so much for all u r tips and care for me.
Peter Van Geit – Without you we are nothing Peter. After my finish u were the first person who congratulates me with the hug. Thank u so much for everything Peter.
Deepan na – Each and every event u r words helped me a lot to improve my strength mentally and physically. Thanks anna
Ashwini – Congrats, Thank u so much and Sorry 🙂 We did it!! Love u dear 🙂
Varatha Raja , Avinash & An Bu Machi neengalam Vera level of inspiration in volunteering da.
Shan – U r practice session tips and encouragement helped me a lot to finish it strong and continue my volunteering for others without any tired 🙂
Ashok , Alex , Prasanna , Vasanth Karthik Thanks u So much anf love u CTC for everything.
The first question Peter asked me at the finish line was “How was it?” And my answer was “A piece of cake”. And we laughed together! To be true it was as easy as running a full marathon. Cycling and swimming took minimal efforts. If u have a good bike even that is gone. 16 hours and 9 minutes (including all the selfie sessions, lunch dinner sleep and everything) for the Full Iron Distance finishing at 4th place. 3 hours for 3.8k swim (though i swam close to 1k extra thanks to my swimming skills, i rarely swim straight). 7 hours 45 mins for 180k cycle. Thanks to my hybrid for the first time i pushed it for 180 kms! And finally 4:40 for a full marathon. And the balance goes for the transition times!
PS: You can call me IRONMAN now!

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