Green Day – Thank You Green Warriors!!

Thank You Green Warriors!!
Annual events… or should I say, ‘Celebrations’ like this is always special and leaves everlasting , beautiful memories… This Green Day was no exception and it brought back fond memories from previous green day events/ locations…
On behalf of CTC Ainthinai, we thank all the volunteers and the singa kutties for the selfless efforts…   We (CTC Ainthinai) seem to have some ‘Punarjenma’ connection to  Walajabad, as all our green day locations so far have been around Walajabad :-)… Its been a busy week, with lots of pre event works in preparation for the Green Day – Digging pits, sorting out other logistics like transport, breakfast, tools, manure, mulching material, calling up participants, coordinating transport, etc… And, you were all geared up and ready , pitching in left, right and center for the pre event work too – It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. 
Come the D day, it looks like rain was so eager, that it decided to pay a visit to the spot before the Green day… And, we only feel blessed that it did… Yes, the wet convictions made it a little challenging with all the pits filled in with water… But, CTC volunteers na chummava… Gethuda… Neruppuda… Nothing could have stopped us – You all cared little about the thorns, no one cared about the repeated falls instead enjoying it …Be it, teams competing and having kiddish fights,  Kids giving gyan on why we plant trees and making fun of some ‘uncles’ ,it was non stop fun..  It was a perfect ending that the last ‘sapling’ for the day was planted by a ‘kid’…In all, we planted 806 Saplings and 300 Palm Seeds, 500+ Pungai Seeds.. ‘Mass’ effort… Hats off to you all… Take a bow.
I hope all these saplings and the kids stay healthy and grow well together. Saplings are like these kids… They need to be nurtured during the initial days, until they are ready to be on their own… Watch out for regular camping/  maintenance events at the green day location… Lot more fun awaited. If you doubt the fun part, rewind to the mud bath many of us had :-).
Core Team and volunteers had spent many days on the preparation works of Green Day. It’s our pleasure to highlight few of them. Once the location was identified, few volunteers had visited the spot and got involved in marking the pits for saplings. Various aspects have been taken into consideration while marking the pits. We would like to thank Vignesh MailappanDilly Babu,Prabhakaran, Prabha G, YogiRaghuramThanabalanRajeshRashmiBharatDeepak and few others for spending their weekends/weekdays and ensuring the pits preparation.
As we targeted to plant 1000+ Grown up Saplings with 200+ Volunteers involved, lot of prework had to be executed  couple of days prior to the event. Bunch of our hard core volunteers were always ready and took care of these pre event works. We would like to thank SudhakarGohulHariMaheshNaan SPSathyaRajeshYogiRashmiBharatThanabalan, Raja, MuthukumarDeepak, Nagaraj, RaghuramSai KarthikVinoth SankaranArun Prasath and few more volunteers who were involved in unloading the 1200+ saplings, placing them in appropriate pits, unloading mulching materials, arranging the tools and various other works. Without these bunch of selfless dedicated hardworking fellas, the event wouldn’t have happened smoothly.
When the volunteers were putting their tremendous effort on planting the saplings, it was very very important to keep the volunteers energetic – Who else to thank, but the team leads who kept the energy levels of their teams high and executed the plans well.. Thank you guys.
Team Leads
Arasu – Naan SPSathya
Vaagai – AshwinIlangaovan
Banyan – RajeshThanabalan
Poovarasu – Prabhakaran, Prabha Pungai – MeenakshiHiema TejaBadam – RavikumarNiranjanNeem – RaghuramKarthikai SelvanKaruvelam – Dil BabuMahesh
Naaval – YogiSudhakar
Neer Marutham – Sai KarthikVijay

Saplings might not have needed its food (water) on the green day due to rain, but we definitely needed soru…We would like to thank the Food Committee , headed by Vinoth Sankaran and his team members Arun PrasathSai Karthik for taking care of the most important department for the day :-).
Beautiful mementos aka photo frame had been prepared by Hema and Bensh for appreciating the volunteers. Thanks a lot guys. Photo Frame was so beautiful.
We extend our sincere thanks to Apoorva who took care of First Aid and General medical assistance. 
Beautiful clicks & editing by all the photographers including Noel,VishnuBalaRameshBe Calm StudiosHarish Karthik – Links below – A beautiful pic speaks thousand words and looks like we have so many of them… Thank you guys. Tag yourself, share and spread the word.
Last but not least. We thank each and every participants who joined this wonderful event. You guys are awesome. Mother nature blesses you all.

Post Event Fun
Follow us in Fb on below links…Many more plantation events planned in and around the city too. Keep an eye for the upcoming events and ‘Grow Trees with Us’.

Feel free to let us know of any feedback @ …There are always things to improve and we are happy to hear constructive feedback. 
‘Tree Growing’ though an important step in ‘Going Green’, there is more to it..  Daily 5 minutes of our time towards ‘Waste Management’ at home will get us more closer to a  green sustainable living… We are here to share /help each other. Many in CTC have done it/ doing it – waste segregation and home composting… What are you waiting for? Reach out to one of the organizers and we will help you get started.
#ChennaiRedKnights# (CRK)
CRK, CTC’s blood wing is organising blood camps and blood for cancer fighters at Egmore child hospital . If you are interested in bleeding do it for these kids.
#BLOOD DONATION CAMP @Chrompet & Central GH#
Date : 02-October-2016
Venue : Chromepet GH & Rajive Gandhi Govt Hospital
Timings : 9AM – 2PM

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