CTC Blood donation camp – 2nd Oct – Inspiring donor stories

Looking for some motivation to start with blood donations?
20 minutes of your time and 350ml of your blood is all it takes to save a life!
Read further for few inspiring words from some life savers…
Rajasekar – CTC volunteer/organizer, Randonneur and biker, who has donated 50+ times since he was 17.5 years old:

What motivates you to donate blood?
It’s a God like feeling to donate blood because you give life one more opportunity in flow in someone’s body.
How do you feel mentally after donating?
After donating blood I have a habit of meeting the recipient. The beaming eyes and joyful smiles makes me forget all the physical weakness that I would have got.
Most memorable moment when you donated ?
There are many.  I once donated to the road side dwellers. They almost fell on my feet as if I was God to them. It reaffirms my faith God dwells in all. Once I donated blood to an accident victim on New Year’s Eve. New Year New Life. In one of the Apollo Hospitals, a nurse recognizes me ‘Blood Donor Anna’.
 M G Raja – Regular CTC volunteer and blood donor, who has been donated 60+ times since he was 18:

How did you improve your haemoglobin count?
I have changed my food habits. I have a piece of dates every 3 hours and my daily diet includes green leaves, raisins soaked in water every morning/night, daily intake of fruits and a glass of beetroot juice every week.
Most memorable moment when you donated?
I donated blood to an elderly woman for an open heart surgery and post donation I went to meet the patient to meditate and extend positive energy to her. I got the chance to meet her children and grandchildren who were from a financially sound background. At that time, I was searching for a job and my family was in poverty. After getting to know my situation, the family offered me a job and financial support and provided me their visiting card for keeping in touch. With mixed emotions and prayers for the patient’s life, I left the hospital and dropped the visiting card in temple hundi and told God that I’ll never sell my blood at any cost directly or indirectly even in the most challenging and tough times in life and to give me all strength to deal with the situation.
Have you met any recipients of your blood; how was the experience?
Emergency donation creates a possibility of meeting the recipient. The moment they wish/praise us, I feel even more responsible to keep myself healthy and keep donating more to serve the humanity.
Ramanan – Regular Emergency AB-ve blood donor, who has donated 33 times since 2002:

What motivates you to donate blood ?
There is no motivation at all seriously. This is the only help I can do myself to others.
How did you improve your hemoglobin count ?
After donating blood for one month I take more pomegranate in my food.That helps to maintain my hemoglobin at normal.
Most memorable moment when you donated?
Most memorable moment during my PG I was the only person in my university (Dindugul Gandhigram University) who had AB-ve. For a blood donation they took me from Dindugul to Madurai. A doctor and a health inspector accompanied me for a blood donation, wherein a 60+ years old patient was about to undergo a bypass surgery. They required 2 units of blood but only I was available till that time. I donated blood and then visited the patient. Usually I do to encourage them a little. When the patient’s son said only 1 unit is available the patient was crying like a child. My heart melted on seeing him and I couldn’t control myself but request the doctors to take another unit of blood from me as AB –ve was a very rare blood group. However, the doctors disagreed to it. Later in the evening, I got the news that the unit was arranged. I couldn’t reason out my happiness when I came to know that the blood was arranged for that elderly person, though he wasn’t known to me. This is one beautiful memory that comes into my mind on my blood donation.

GHs have a daily blood need of 200+ units in Chennai. The units collected in the blood camp on 2nd Oct would be utilized for satisfying the daily demand. Join us on Oct 2 for our blood camp and support us further with emergency blood requirements.

You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life. A few drops of your blood is all it takes to save a life….

Thanks,Chennai Red Knights

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