Thank you bringing smiles in someone’s face this summer – Account of CRK’s effort for Mission Summer 2016

Write up by Sandhya Sourirajan

The travails of patients and their attendants at government hospitals to secure a unit of blood after standing in long queues over hours/days, would leave anyone teary eyed.  Every summer, blood banks in Chennai face a different kind of drought. With college students and lot of residents going on leave/holidays, blood banks are known to be running dry in peak summer season (Apr, May, June, early July). Hence, CRK Team came up with ‘Mission Summer 2016’ to help the blood banks meet their daily need through blood camps. A huge thanks to the corporates, NGOs, volunteer groups and individuals who supported us this Summer and helped us to arrange 480 units of blood in these months of peak Summer.

Every month, numerous organ transplant operations are postponed. There are many patients who put their lifetime expenses struggling to get the vital organs. Every year, hundreds requiring kidney transplants sell their properties to continue with dialysis and retain hopes of survival as they wait for organ for the transplant. 50+ donors signed up for the Cadaver Organ Donation with the consent of their family members in a bid to give a ray of hope to someone after their death.

It is often noticed that women are willing to donate blood, however they fall short of the required hemoglobin level (12.5 g/dL). Menstruation andchildbirth are significant sources of blood loss for women. Women are prone to iron deficiency during their monthly period and it takes at least 10 days to regain back the iron levels. For a woman who has delivered a baby, it takes at least 6 months to get back to normal Hemoglobin levels. Three cheers to the women donors who have seriously worked on improving their hemoglobin levels and have made themselves eligible for emergency blood donation in the last one year.
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