Nochikuppam, A zero-waste model community!

This week segregated waste collection started at Nochikuppam marking a milestone in a 3 months effort by CTC volunteers to create a zero-waste model community. As part of the Chennai Coastal Cleanup volunteers did various awareness events, went door 2 door distributing separte bins for wet/dry waste for 162 homes, organized a full cleanup of the community, set up a team of conservancy workers for door 2 door collection and worked closely with the Ramky officials and Mylapore MLA to rope in their support.
This week our volunteers continue to closely monitor the segregated waste collection to ensure the success of the zero-waste prototype and create an example for others to follow in terms of source segregation / composting / recycling and thereby reducing the overall garbage footprint by 90% improving both environmental and health of the residents
A big thumbs up to the team behind this amazing initiative!

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